356 Porsche Factory Accessories

1956 to 1965

356-A, 356-B T-5, 356-B T-5, & 356-C


Click any of the buttons below, and see a listing of 356 Porsche factory accessories, with descriptions, part numbers, and photographs. This information comes directly from Porsche factory accessory booklets published at various times by Porsche from 1956 to 1965.

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356 Porsche Factory Accessories!


   356-A Factory Accessories.
   356-A Factory Accessories-LATE.
   356-B T-5 Factory Accessories November 1959.
 NEW 356-B T-5 Factory Accessories March 1961.
   356-B T-6 Factory Accessories.
   356-C Factory Accessories.
   356 Porsche Aftermarket Accessories 1950's-1960's!
   DerWhite's 356 Porsche Technical Literature Website!  


Speaking of Accessories, check this out...............!


Count how many custom accessory items you can find in this photo!


Radio phone, ralley instrument, aircraft clock, what else......?


Carrera skirt, exhaust extensions, extra license plate lights, reflectors?

Source of photos:  Porsche Factory "Christophorus" Magazine, No. 45, 1963, pg 8-10.



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