Porsche 356-A Factory Accessories (Late)!


Below is a listing of "late" Porsche 356-A Factory accessories as shown in an accessory brochure dated February 1959. The standard items are included, and some others rarely seen. Check out item #11, have you ever seen a chrome bumper on a 356 Porsche? They were definitely available! Unfortunately, not all items listed below had photos in the booklet, but most that were included are shown below.

Major 356-A factory sales brochures!


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Group A:

1.  4 Wheel Hub Caps with Porsche Crest.



Two different hubcaps were available at this time. The flatter hubcap with crest shown above,
and the "baby moon" type shown below.


  2.  Chrome-plated Wheels.  

  3.  Chrome Knock-off Wheels w/copper hammer.

Slotted rim
4 1/2 J x 15
for knock-off hub (chromium plated).
Part #644.68.010
(Rudge Type - Optional).

4.  1 Set White Wall Tires (5 pieces).
        (You see a lot of white wall tires in the pictures in the early Christophorus magazines!)

5.  Supersport Tires 5.90 x 15.

Windows & Wind-wings!


  6.  2 Wind-wings for Coupe.

  7.  2 Supplementary Side Windows for draft proof ventilation (plexiglas).  

 8.  Additional Heater B2 Eberspacher.

Reinforced & Chrome Bumpers!


  9.  Reinforced USA Bumpers.

  In the factory 356-A parts book, the above bumper is referred to as "Export Model (USA)".

10.  Chrome Plated Bumpers.

 Picture of chrome bumper not from accessory catalog.

The above example of a chrome bumper is shown on a 55 Pre-A Porsche.

Chrome bumper on a 356-A Cabriolet with Removable Hardtop.

11.  2 Fog Lamps for reinforced bumpers (see photo above).

12.  2 Body Mounted Fog Lamps (above front bumper).



13.  Headlight grills, removable.



14.  Electric Clock in center of dashboard.

15.  Outside Rear-view Mirror, left.

16.  Special Steering Wheel, wood-rimmed, VDM.


Photo by Larry Coreth.

17.  Tumbler Switch for blinker light (anybody know what this is?).

18.  Floor Mats: beige, green, red, blue, black (see mats in photo above).

19.  Sunshade with Vanity Mirror.


20.  Safety Belt for one seat.


21.  4 Shock Absorbers, Koni.



Click for more detailed information about shocks for 356 Porsches.

22.  Travel Kit for 1600, 1600-S, 1600 S90.

Handlamp, electric.

Luggage Options!


  24.  Canvas Bag under front hood, red/black, green/black.

  25.  Suitcase under front hood, leather.

  26.  3-piece Set of Leather Suitcases, black or brown.

  27.  2-piece Set of Leather Suitcases, black or brown.

Ad from early Christophorus magazine.

  28.  1 Leather Suitcase behind rear seat, black or brown.  

  29.  2 Luggage Straps for luggage compartment.

30.  Cover for Cabriolet and Roadster Top, plastic.

31.  Touch-up Paint Dispenser.


32.  Small Size Steering Wheel (15 3/4 inches).

33.  Extended Steering Column.

34.  80-liter Gas Tank (21 US gal. instead of 13.5 gal.)

35.  Anti-theft Switch under dash board  (do you have one?)

 Group B:


Special Convertible D Options!

  100.  2 Reclining Seats for Convertible D.
  101.  Bucket Seat for Convertible D.
  102.  Cigarette Lighter for Convertible D.
  103.  Ash-Tray under dash board for Convertible D.
  104.  Rubber Cushion luggage support for Convertible D.  
  105.  Plastic Suitcase for Convertible D, fitting on tunnel.
  106.  Cover for Top of Convertible D, plastic.


Group C:

Radio Options and Accessories!


Blaupunkt Radios!

  200.  Blaupunkt Bremen AM/long wave-transistor (similar to item below).  

  201.  Blaupunkt Stuttgart, AM/long wave/short wave-transistor (similar to item below).

  202.  Blaupunkt Frankfurt, AM/FM/long wave push button (similar to item below).

  203.  Blaupunkt Koln, AM/FM/long wave automatic-transistor (similiar to item below).

Becker Radios!

  204.  Becker Europa, AM push button.

(1958 ad)

  205.  Becker Europa, AM/FM/long wave push button.

  205a.  Becker Europa, US, AM/FM push button.

  206.  Becker Mexico, AM/FM automatic.

  206a.  Becker Mexico US, AM/FM automatic.

  207.  Antenna Manually Operated (see below).    

  208.  Antenna, Electrical (see below).


Radio Accessories!

  209.  2 Loudspeakers.
  210.  Windshield Wiper Motor, interference suppressed.


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Group D:

Exterior Paint and Interior Upholstery!


Exterior Paint Options!

  300.  Special Paint, as offered in the color chart.

1957 Color Chart used for reference.

  301.  Special Paint, not offered in the color chart.
  302.  Special Paint for hardtop roof.
  303.  Genuine Leather Upholstery, Coupe/Hardtop.

Interior Upholstery Options!

  304.  Genuine Leather Upholstery for Cabriolet.
  305.  Arm Rest, Leather.
  306.  Arm Rest, Leatherette.
  307.  Head Rest, genuine leather, with fittings.

  308.  Head Rest, leatherette or corduroy, w/fittings.
  309.  Fittings for one head rest.


Click here for more information on 356 Porsche Paint Colors!


310.  Soft Top for Cabriolet.

311.  Hardtop Roof (as shown below).


Picture above not from accessory catalog.


Click for more information on 356 Porsche Removable Hardtops!


312.  Bench Front Seat with divided back rest and fittings for reclining seats.


Bench Seat!

313.  Right Hand Drive.

Sun Roof Options!


  314.  Steel sliding roof "Golde".

Ad from and early Christophorus magazine.

  315.  Steel Sliding Roof, electrical "Golde".

316.  Windshield Washer, electrical.

317.  Anti-glare Mirror, inside.

318.  Chrome Strips for Coupe, Cabriolet, or Hardtop (on side of car).


 Chrome strips on a Speedster.

319.  2 Leather Straps for front hood, black or brown.

Luggage Rack Options!


  320.   Luggage Rack, Silver Metalic.

  321.  Luggage Rack in the color of the car.
  322.  Luggage Rack, chrome.
  323.  4 Straps, 2 pair skis, luggage rack.
  324.  1 Set Straps for luggage rack. 

Tonneau Covers!


  325.  Tonneau Cover w/zip fastener for Cabriolet.

Notice that the speedster picture is still used!

  326.  Tonneau Cover for Hardtop.


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                                                   Source:  Porsche Factory 356-A Accessory Catalog dated February 1959.                                                                                                                                                              


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