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#3 German 

#8 German
 $540.00 US 

 #9 German  
$538.00 US 

#10 German

#11 German
 $480.00 US 

#12 German

All of the above German Christophorus Magazines sold on Ebay on 6/24/07!

 6/19/07:  This issue #5 of the "4-Cam Register" sold on Ebay
I wouldn't say
 this is exactly "Porsche Literature", but it is about Porsches,
 and it is literature, so here it is! Is this for real?
(M&M not

 6/19/07:  This "356-C Owner's Manual" sold for $278.00US on
 Ebay. There are so many reprints around, one wonders what
 is real and what is not. The pages did look slightly yellowed,
 so with no other info.....this is a HIGH PRICE for either an
 original or a reprint!
(M&M N/A).

 6/17/07:  This "54 356 Pre-A factory Workshop Manual" sold
 on Ebay for
$562.00US! after 17 bids. I've been saying this
 a lot lately, this is the highest price I have ever seen this
 manual sell for! The Pre-A manual is the hardest to find,
 particuarly in good condition!
(M&M N/A).

 6/16/07:  This has to be a record breaking sale at $747.00US
 for the
"Blue Speedster Brochure"
which sold on Ebay! For
 Speedster owners this is the ONE to get to go with your car.
 Have never seen it bring this high a price!
(M&M 75).

 6/16/07:  This "Black & White Speedster Folder" sold on Ebay
This is easily the highest price I have ever
 seen for this brochure. Speedster owners must be out in

 force for these recent auctions.
(M&M 73).

 6/16/07:  This "356-A Series 1600 & Carrera Brochure"sold on
 Ebay for
You don't see this brochure come up
 for auction very often supporting its very strong selling price.
(M&M 96).

 6/16/07:  This little "356-A Black & White Folder" sold on Ebay
 for the amazing price of
This is EASILY the
 highest price I have ever seen for this brochure sell for. What
 a day for 356 brochures on Ebay!
(M&M 100).

 6/16/07:  This "356-C "Porsche Script" Brochure" sold on
 Ebay for
$139.00US! This fairly uncommon 356-C brochure
 is relatively hard to find compared to other 356-C brochures.
 This one should quickly increase in price.
(M&M 311).

 6/16/07:  This early "356 Pre-A Multi-page Color Brochure"
 sold on Ebay for $300.00US.  
Even though this brochure
 has been reproduced, it is still selling for strong prices. A
 very nice early
Pre-A brochure.
(M&M 23).

 6/16/07:  This "356 Pre-A Green Circle of Coupes" folder
 sold on Ebay for
This is the highest price I've
 seem this brochure sell for. There is a very similar brochure
 with a blue instead of green cover.
(M&M 65).

 6/16/07:   This "356 Pre-A Blue Circle of Coupes" folder sold
 on Ebay for
This is a good price for this item. See
 above for the very similar green version of this brochure. The
 two are almost identical inside.
(M&M 65).

 6/16/07:  This "Crest Brochure" sold on Ebay for a hefty sum
It is a simple black and white folder published
 for 356 Pre-A's in 1955.
(M&M 79).

 5/13/07:  This FAKE "356 Pre-A Sales Brochure" sold on
 Ebay for a really amazing
$156.00US! What was this Buyer
 thinking?  You 356 Porsche Literature Collectors - BEWARE!
 There are a whole bunch of new
FAKES being offered on
(M&M 11). 

 6/12/07:  This "356-C sales bochure" from 1963 sold on Ebay
a pretty good price considering current trends!
 This is a very nice brochure to have if you own a 356-C.

 (M&M 251).


 6/10/07:  This "356-B Flat Rate Manual"in German sold on
 Ebay for

 6/9/07:  This 356-B Brochure "Driving in its Purest Form" sold
 on Ebay for
Given the prices of similar brochures
 recently, this was a good buy. This is not the easiest 356-B
 brochure to find so expect it's price to climb.
(M&M 239).

 6/4/07:  This "356-A Owner's Manual" sold on Ebay  for  the
 high price of
$184.00US! It appeared to be in excellent shape.
 One has to wonder these days whether these manuals are
 genuine original manuals,
OR recent reproductions. Used to
 be the 356-A owner's manual reproductions had nearly clear
 spiral binding. Would be easy to switch to using black spiral
 binding like that used on originals.
(M&M N/A).

 6/3/07:  The "Porsche 904 Carrera GTS" was designed strictly
 as a race car. Given that only several hundred of these cars
 were produced, it is surprising that this nice a brochure was
 printed. It is particularly rare and difficult brochure to find and
 sold on Ebay for
$471.00US!  (M&M 295).


 6/3/07:  This "Service Locations Booklet" lists the names and
 locations of Porsche dealers around the world and in the
 USA and is dated
September 1961. It sold on Ebay recently
$121.00US! (M&M N/A).

 6/3/07:  This "Small Canadian Folder" was  published  by  VW
 of Canada in 1958 and sold for
$380.00US!  You won't see
 many of these, but one just like this sold less than a week
 a week ago for $670.00US.
(M&M 306).

 6/3/07:  These 1957 (left), 1958 (center) & 1959 (right) "Sport
 Erfolges", which are all about Porsche's racing victories,
 each sold on Ebay for
to the same bidder.
 are more of these "Erfolges" in this series.
(M&M N/A).

 6/3/07:  This small "5.25" x 6.5" Folder with the 550 Spyder
 on the Cover"
from the early 60's sold for $393.00US!
 Ebay. It is a very difficult brochure to find. Inside are specs
 on Coupes, Cabriolets, Hardtops, & Roadsters. One sold
 less than a week ago for $540.00.
(M&M N/A).

 6/3/07:   This rare "#1 Christophorus Magazine", German
 language version, sold on Ebay for
 magazine just continues to sell for high price due to high
(M&M N/A).

 6/3/07: This "Red Gloved Hand Brochure" is from 1963 and
 is for the 356-C's. It sold on Ebay for
$133.00US. It is a very
 nice collectable brochure, particularly for 356-C owners.
(M&M 251).
There are a number of edition dates of this

 6/3/07:  This manual for "Solex 40 P11-4 Carburetors" is for
356-A Carrera 1600 GS "de luxe". The manual is dated
 February 1959
& mentions the Coupe, Cabriolet & Hardtop.
 It sold on Ebay for

 6/3/07: This "356-A Sales Brochure" from 1959 includes the
 Convertible D. A similar brochure with an orange cover has
 the Speedster. This brochure sold on Ebay for

 (M&M 159).

 5/31/07:  This early "356 Pre-A multi-page Color Brochure"
 sold on Ebay for $455.00US.  Even though this brochure
 has been reproduced, it is still increasing in value. A very
 nice early
Pre-A brochure
(M&M 23).

 5/30/07:  This "356-B "Roadster" Brochure" is fairly common
 & easy to find, but is another good example of a 356 sales

 brochure that is rapidly increasing in value. It sold on Ebay
(M&M 198

 5/29/07:  This "Canadian Folder", published by Volkswagen
 Canada in 1958, sold for the amazing price of
You won't see many of these!
(M&M 306).

 5/29/07:  This small "5.25" x 6.5" folder with the 550 Spyder
 on the cover"
from the early 60's sold for $504.00US
 Ebay. It is a very difficult 356 Porsche brochure to find.
 Inside are specs on Coupes, Cabriolets, Hardtops, &

 5/29/07:  This "Premier slick brochure of the 356-A series",
 M&M 131,
sold on Ebay for
$455.00 US.
It measures 8 1/4
 x 11 3/4 inches, and contains 20 all-color pages on high
 quality paper.  It's hard to find in really nice condition!

 5/18/07:  A very early  factory "550 Spyder Sales Brochure"
recently sold on Ebay for $2,564.00US. This four page
 folder on rough paper and single color printing describes  
Porsche 550 Spyder 1500 RS. This may be one of the
 rarest of early Porsche sales brochures.
(M&M 302).


 5/7/07:  This 3 3/4 inch x 6 inch, undated 24 page "356-A
 Sales Brochure",
believed to have been published in 1956,
 sold on Ebay on May 7, 2007 for
In a page of
 technical data, it makes reference to
356-A's, 356-A 1500
 GS Carreras, and 550 1500 RS Spyders.
(M&M 109).

 4/24/07:  1964 dated "356-C Factory Accessory Booklet" in
 very nice condition sold on Ebay for
 accessory brochures are in high demand, and prices are
 rising quickly. There is a 356-B accessory booklet that
 looks very much like this one, just swap the C for a B!

 (M&M 281).

 4/16/07:  This 4-page "356-C Black & White Dealer Brochure"
sold for
on Ebay. The brochure was published
 in 1965 by Concours Motors in Wisconsin. Cover shows
 an early 356-C
Notice the smooth hubcaps without the
 crest emblem. Inside are pictures & graphics "borrowed"
 from factory sales brochures of the period

 4/15/07:  This "Premier Slick Brochure of the 356-A Series",
 M&M 131,
sold on Ebay for
$186.00. It measures 8 1/4  x
 11 3/4 inches, and contains 20 all-color pages on high
 quality paper.  It's hard to find in really nice condition!

 4/6/07:  This early "Porsche 356 Pre-A Brochure", one of
 the earliest Porsche sales brochures, sold for
Known as
M&M 11,
it is highly collectable and hard to find
 in really nice condition. It drew 26 bids from collectors from  
 around the world.

 4/1/07:  This is a "Tourist Delivery Plan Price List", actually
 a 4 page folder listing prices and Porsche dealer locations
 throughout Europe, that sold on Ebay for
 image of the back cover was included in an early Christo
(M&M 303b).

 3/25/07:  This "Accessories Price List", dated in 1959, sold
 on Ebay for
$251.00US, reflecting the high demand for items
 like this. Most of these price lists were in three languages,
 English, French, and German, and contained no pictures.

 (M&M N/A).

 3/6/07:  This "356-A Porsche Factory Workshop Manual"
sold on Ebay for $350.00US. The manual was listed as being
 in excellent condition. Finding a nice one is harder to do
 these days.
This manual was published in 1956, has 500+ 
 pages, and covers all 356-A Porsches.
(M&M N/A).

 3/5/07:  This item is the rare "Carrera 57 Brochure", one of
 the most striking and collectable brochures published by
durng the entire 356 Porsche era. It sold on Ebay
$527.00US. (M&M 127).

 3/4/07:  The "Luggage Brochure" was published in 1956, and
 shows the special luggage available as accessories for 356-A
 Porsches. It sold on Ebay for
$145.00US. (M&M 303a).

 1/12/07:  This multi-page "Price List Dated 1962" sold on
 Ebay for
$214.00 US!
The booklet lists prices for 356-B T-6
 accessories, but does not have any pictures. Price lists
 like this are enjoying high demand and escalating prices!

 2/10/07:  The "Liebe zu ihm" Book published by Porsche
 has always commanded high prices in collecting circles.
 This Ebay sale netted
a price not uncommon
 for this very collectable book.
(M&M N/A).

 1/12/07:  "Price Lists" for any 356 model Porsche are getting
 more expensive as time passes. They are becoming very
 collectable as additions to an owner's existing brochure
 collection. This one is dated
January 1962
and sold for
 $191.00US. (M&M 305).

 1/11/07: Most know Porsche published a calendar starting
Each calendar came with a bronze coin. While
 these are not "Literature", they are highly collectable. This

 "1962 Calendar Coin"
sold on Ebay for
The early
 year coins are increasing rapidly in value!
(M&M N/A).

 1/2/07:  This "Parts Book for the Carrera 4-cam Engine" sold
 on ebay for
$250.00US. It is for the 692/3 and 692/3a 4-cam
(M&M N/A).

 12/16/06: This is a "Porsche Advertising Booklet" from 1963,
 showing advertising items, including such things as
 toy cars, books, pens, cigarette lighters, key fobs, bill-folds,
 scarfs, ash trays, memo pads, posters, doilie  and napkin
 sets, luggage, table lamps, drinking glass sets, etc. Sold on
 Ebay for
$564.00US! (M&M N/A).

 12/16/06:  "Driving in its Finest Form" is a small 3 3/4" x 6"
 undated 24 page booklet and it is believed to have been
 published in 1956. It makes reference to 356-A's, 356-A
 1500 GS Carreras, and 550 1500 RS Spyders. It sold on
 Ebay for
$411.00US! (M&M 102).

 12/16/06:  This is a "356-B Accessories Catalog" but the
 graphic on the cover seems to be of a 356-A. They were
 printed with various dates from 1959 to 1961. Items are
 described without prices in English, French, & German.
 This one sold on Ebay for
$361.00US. (M&M 172).

 12/16/06:  This "356-A Sales Brochure" from 1959 shows the
 Convertible D. A similar brochure with an orange cover had
 the Speedster. This brochure sold on Ebay for

 (M&M 159).

 12/16/06:  This early "356 Pre-A Multi-page Color Brochure"
 sold on Ebay for $363.00US.  Even though this brochure
 has been reproduced, it is still increasing in value. A very
 nice early
Pre-A brochure
(M&M 23).


 12/15/06:  This is a "Factory Service Book" with coupons for
 scheduled maintenance service, and is from 1962, and sold  
 at auction on Ebay for
$253.00US.   There are other versions
 of these coupon booklets for 356-A's, B's & C's.
(M&M N/A).


 12/15/06:  This is a "Body Maintenance Supplement" for the
 owner's manual published by Reutter, a body supplier to
 Porsche for the 356-A's. The manual is believed to be from
or thereabouts, as it mentions the Speedster. Sold on
 Ebay for
$394.00US. (M&M N/A).

 12/6/06:  This "Single Sheet Flyer" for the 356 Pre-A Coupe,
 together with the three that follow, were offered separately
 on Ebay and sold at about the same time. This coupe flyer
 sold for
$563.00US, an unusually high price! (M&M 56).

 12/6/06:  This "Single Sheet Flyer" for the 356 Pre-A Porsche
 Speedster sold for
Speedster flyers are usually
 in greater demand than coupe flyers but this price doesn't
 show it.
(M&M 60).

 12/6/06:  This "Single Sheet Flyer" for a Porsche 550 Spyder
 sold on Ebay for
$374.00US. Spyder brochures are in high
 demand and bring high prices.
(M&M 62).

 12/6/06:  This "Single Sheet Flyer" is for the 356-A Cabriolet.
 It sold for
$374.00US on Ebay. This is a highly collectable 4
 piece set and is highly collectable, and hard to find in really
 nice condition.
(M&M 58).

 11/1/06:  This is an early "356-A Accessories Brochure" that
 shows factory accessories available for 356-A's. There are
 pictures, but no prices, and items are described in English,
 French, & German. Sold on Ebay for
$750.00US. (M&M 88).

 10/2/06:  This fairly common "356-A Sales Brochure"sold on  
 Ebay for for
If you are looking for one be aware
 that crude FAKES have been offered for sale recently on
This brochure introduced the new 356-A's in 1955.
 (M&M 81).

 9/27/06:  Because of the sheer number of 356-B's & 356-C's
 the factory
"B/C Workshop Manual"
is the highest demand
 workshop manual in the 356 series. The manual totals 900+
 pages and consists of the 356-B T-5 manual, together with
 all the supplements for the 356-B T-6 & 356-C.
 (M&M N/A).

"EYE-POPPERS" from the last several years!


 12/15/06: This "Carrera 6 Owner's Manual"sold on Ebay for
 $2,187.00US. This version has the maroon plastic binder
 cover. Other versions come without a cover.
 The Carrera 6
 was strictly a race car, and anything Carrera 6 is going to be
(M&M N/A).

 11/24/06: Porsche "Factory Posters" are highly collectable
 and are bringing BIG BUCKS. This original poster sold on
 Ebay for
(M&M N/A).

 9/19/06:  This "1959 356-A Tourist Delivery Sales Brochure"
 sold on   Ebay for $603.00US. A very hard item to find and
 not in the M&M book and not in my book!

 6/14/06:  This "#1 Christophorus Magazine", the first German
 language version, sold on Ebay for
an amazing $5,734.00US!
 These magazines just continue to increase in price due to the
 high demand.
(M&M N/A).

 6/14/06:  $2,530.00US is a high price for a "Christophorus #2
Someone must have had all of the issues except
 this one, and wanted to complete a collection!
(M&M N/A).

 5/30/06:  This original "917 Brochure" sold for $500.00US on
 Ebay. Be real careful bidding on these as recently there have
 been a number of FAKES offered for auction on Ebay. The
 FAKES have washed out B&W images.
(M&M N/A).

 1/31/06:  This "356-A Owner's Manual "sold for $455.00US on
 Ebay. Despite reproductions of most of the 356 ABC owner's
 manuals, originals continue to go up in value.
 (M&M N/A).

 11/1/05:  This is a "904 Carrera GTS Driver's Manual". It sold
 on Ebay for
$729.00US. The reason for the high price is
 there just aren't very many of these around!
(M&M N/A).


 10/14/05:  This is an "Owner's Manual Supplement for the
 356-B Roadster Top".
It has the Porsche logo name on the
 cover but may have been published by Drauz KG, a
 Porsche body supplier. It sold on Ebay for
 (M&M N/A).

 10/8/05:  This "Vacation Delivery Plan Brochure" sold for
on Ebay. It is a very nice item and hard to find.
 It contains prices of various Porsche models when new
 car delivery is taken in Europe.
(M&M 141).


 5/20/05:  $1,021.00US is an unusually high price for this early
 356 Pre-A Brochure.
This is M&M 15
otherwise known as
"Yellow Pre-A Brochure". Highly collectable.


 5/10/05:  "Keys to Carefree Driving" is a small folder given to
 356 Porsche buyers at the factory when they picked up their
 new cars. The folder provides tips for  driving in Europe and
 on the back cover shows roadside signs found in Europe.
 Very hard to find, sold on Ebay for
$315.00US. (M&M294).

 5/5/05:  The "Speedster Brochure" is a high demand item due
 to popularity of the Speedster, but oddly, its price has not
 exploded like many other 356 Porsche sales brochures. This
 sale on Ebay was for
(M&M 75).

 3/29/05:  The "Gmund Brochure", probably the most sought
 after 356 brochure, sold on Ebay for
4,423.00US, This item

has been selling for big bucks for some years!
(M&M 7).

 2/11/05:  This "Deluxe 356-B T-6 Accessory Binder" dated
 October 1962 sold on Ebay for
This ring binder
 has an extensive list of factory optional accessories with
 pictures and descriptions in English, French & German.
 Very hard to find, and expensive if you find it!
(M&M N/A).

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The sale transactions described herein are actual sales that occurred on Ebay on the dates noted and for the prices quoted! 

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