Porsche Industrial Motors, Late 1950's - Early 1960's!

By:  Charlie White & Thomas Seydoux 



Besides building the cars that most of us are familiar with, Porsche also built motors for all kinds of other applications, including a wide variety of industrial engines, marine engines, and aircraft engines. The purpose of this website is to show some of the sales literature for this wider area of industrial engines produced by Porsche in the 1950's and 1960's. Of particular interest and focus will be on a factory Salesman's Binder specificially for Porsche Industrial Motors, and the variety of information and sales folders that were included in this binder. This Salesman's Binder was recently acquired by Thomas Seydoux, a well known Swiss collector of Porsche sales literature and memoriabilia, who made available many of the images shown in this website. The above image is of the metalic emblem on the cover of the factory Salesman's Binder.
















The Porsche Industrial Motors Binder!

Maroon vinyl multi-purpose binder with metalic Industrial Motors crest on the front cover.

Above are images of Porsche's Industrial Motors Binder for Salesmen. It is a maroon folder with various pockets and flaps, as well as a binder to put two-hole punched pages. On the binder's cover is a metalic emblem "PORSCHE Industrial-Motor". It is designed to carry a variety of folders and booklets, punched pages, photographs, plans, and other sales literature related to Porsche's Industrial motor program. The contents of this binder will be shown in more detail  below. This particular Salesman's Binder is probably from around 1961 or 1962, based on the dates of the various literature items that were included inside.

Multiple pockets, flaps, and 2-hole binder to put brochures, engine plans and other stuff.

This particular Sales Binder, as acquired, contained a lot of sales material on industrial motors, aircraft motors, and boat motors together with color sales brochures, price lists, a service location booklet, various owner's manuals, service bulletin/letters, and technical drawings. Also included were three sales booklets for industrial motors made by Volkswagen and Getrag. It was quite a package of information in one sales binder!

Many of the items in the Industrial Sales Binder.

A lot of Technical Information in the Industrial Sales Binder.

Porsche 616/13 and 616/18 Industrial Motors!

Paper folder, Industrial Motor Brochures.

An early 616/3 Industrial Motor Sales Brochure dated January 1956.

This Brochure dated April 1960 covers the 616/13 & 616/18 Industrial Motors.

Both of these two 1600 Porsche industrial motors had four cylinders producing between 47 and 55 hp. The primary differences between the two were compression ratio and carburetion. The 616/13 used a Solex 32 BIC carburetor and the 616/18 used a Zenith 32 NDIX carburetor. Their general appearance and design is very similar to 1600 normal motor found in 356 Porsches. As can be seen in the sales brochure, the 616/13 and 616/18 motors were used in farm machinery, marine applications, power generators, and a wide variety of other industrial uses.

The above 616/13 & 616/18 Factory Sales Brochure is dated March 1960.

Price List dated December 1959.

Brochure shows Industrial Motor Uses.

Winter Use Instructions.

Tropical Climate Instructions.


More Winter Use Instructions.

Porsche Service Locations Booklet 1961.

Tchnical Documents dated December 1960.

The factory workshop manual for the 616/3 Porsche Industrial Motor, shown below, is set up very much like the factory workshop manuals for 356 Porsches although they only cover the motor. Sections within the manual include Motor and Clutch, Fuel System, Govenor, Electrical System, Lubrication and maintenance, and Technical Data. Included are the same type of pictures, tables and step by step instructions as found in the 356 Porsche workshop manuals. The workshop manual was not part of the Sales Binder for Industrial Motors.

616/3 Workshop Manual dated August 1959.

616/3 Industrial Motor Owner's Manual.


  Porsche Marine Motors!

Porsche Factory Boat Motor Sales Brochure, dated November 1958.


Porsche Factory Boat Motor Price List.

Christo #21, May1959

Christo #22, July 1959


From Christophorus Magazine #4, February 1956.


The above Boat Motor Specifications are from a late 50's Christophorus Magazine.

Image: "Special 356-B" issue, Christophorus, 1960.

  Porsche Aircraft Motors!

Porsche powered airplane from Christophorus #22, February 1956.

Christophorus #22, July 1959.

Christophorus #22, July 1959.  

Aircraft Motor Brochure dated September 1960.

The Flugmotor Owner's Manuals shown below were not included in the Industrial Motor Binder.

678/1 Flugmotor Manual, August 1957.

678/1 Flugmotor.

 Flugmotor Manual, November 1957.

678/3 Flugmotor.

Flugmotor Manual, January 1958.

 678/0 Flugmotor.

Image from Christophorus #4, 1956.

Special 356-B Edition, Christophorus Magazine, 1960.

Other Industrial Brochures!

Volkswagen industrial motors included in the Porsche Industrial Sales Binder.

Other Documents and Design Plans!

Technical Drawings of Porsche Industrial Engines included in the Sales Binder.

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