Continental, Speedster, & Spyder!

A Porsche Factory Sales Binder for 1955!

Charlie White & Thomas Seydoux




Below are images of all of the pages in a mid-1950's Porsche Factory Sales Binder. The binder is for model year 1955 and highlights the Porsche Continental, Speedster and Spyder. These three iconic Porsche models are covered in some detail in the pictures and technical information included in this sales binder. It is a 4 ring maroon Euro sized binder with the various images shown below in plastic sheet protectors. The text in this binder is in English and was likely used in an early Porsche dealerships in the United States. The binder is the kind of sales tool usually kept at a salesman's or sales manager's desk to show to potential customers. In this binder, only the "new" Continental, Speedster, and Spyder models are included. This item recently appeared for auction on Ebay and was acquired by Thomas Seydoux, a well known Swiss collector of Porsche Literature and Memoriabilia. Thomas and this author have worked together to create this website.

Some of the images below are shown in larger size in order to preserve and show detail!

Binder Cover

Binder cover above is shown in reduced form as there is not much detail.

 Inside first page

 Page 1

The following two pages included in the binder apparently show building scenes related to PORSCHE.

  Page 2

  Page 3

 Page 4

A scene showing workers operating a spot welding maching.

Porsche Continental!

The Porsche "Continental" as a 356 Porsche model apparently only appeared in 1955! A dispute with Ford Motor Company who had the rights to the name "Continental" in the United States forced Porsche after 1955 to drop the Continental model designation. Various sources say the the "Continental" script on the side of the front fenders of Coupes and Cabriolets was only used on cars sent for sale to the USA. All of the pictures of the Continentals in this factory binder, as shown below, do not have the Continental script. According to what is written on the page below, the Continental was also designed for the "roads of Europe"!

  Page 5

                     Page 6

   This image has been cropped and enlarged to show detail.

 Page 7

Ludwigsen in "Excellence was Expected" said this about the Continental:  "Just as the "America" had been a semi-official series created chiefly for United States consumption, so too was it's successor, the "Continental". Coming into use in the United States early in 1955, the term "Continental" also referred to cars powered by the tamer 1500 engine.  The Continental came closer than the America to full legitimacy, since it carried that name in script, on some cars, on the flanks of the front fenders."  

 Page 8

           Page 9                

This image has been cropped and enlarged to show detail.

According to most sources, Continentals were only equipped with the 1500 Engine. Interestingly, Porsche included a sheet of 1500 Super specifications in the "Continental" portion of this 1955 factory sales binder.

 Page 10

Notice no Continental Script on the front fender!


Speedster image below is the same as above!

Factory Sales Sheet, M&M 58!

 Page 11

 Prior Image Enlarged!

Notice the small PORSCHE script on the Radio cover!

 Page 12

Road & Track ad 1955. No "Continental" Script on the front fender!


 Page 13

Another 1955 Hoffman ad.

 Page 14

                                 Page 15                                            

This image has been cropped and enlarged to show detail.

 Page 16

 Page 17

Porsche Speedster!

 Page 18

Prior Image Enlarged!

 Page 19

Text of prior image enlarged!

 Page 20

Speedster image below right is the same as the above image!

Black & White Speedster Sales Folder, M&M 73!

 Page 21

Notice the early single Exhaust Pipe!

 Page 22

 Page 23

 Page 24

Notice the early Speedster script on the front fender!

 Page 25

Speedster image below is the same as the above image!

Inside pages of Black & White Speedster Sales Folder, M&M 73!

 Page 26

 Page 27

 Page 28

 Page 29

Picture above is the same in the sales brochure below!

Early Hoffman ad using the same picture as Page 29!

Porsche Spyder!

 Page 30

Page 31

This image has been cropped and enlarged to show detail.

 Page 32

Spyder image below is same as above!

Factory Sales Sheet, M&M 62!

 Page 33

Drawing by Eric Strenger, designer of many Porsche brochures!

 Page 34

Prior Image Enlarged!

 Page 35

 Page 36

 Page 37

 Page 38

 Page 39

Spyder image below is same as above!

 Page 40

Porsche Racing 1954!

 Page 41

 Page 42

 Page 43




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