1958 Porsche Salesman's Binder

for 356-A Coupes, Cabriolets, Hardtops and Convertible D's!

                                                                                                                                                       Charlie White




This maroon 4-ring binder containes descriptions, photographs and lots of technical data for Porsche's new 1958 model line of cars including Coupes, Cabriolets, Hardtops, and Convertible D's. Engine options included the 1600, the 1600 Super, and two 1500 Carrera 4-cam engines, the Carrera de Luxe and the Carrera Gran Turismo (GT). This binder was used to show potential buyers the various Porsche models available and to provide detailed technical information about them. These old Saleman's Binders are rare and very difficult to find. The one shown in this presentation had some water damage at some point and some of the pictures show the water damage. Efforts have been made to clean up these images as much as possible to their original appearance. Also portions of some the pages in this binder have been enlarget do show detail that is readible.

Binder Cover

This graphic on the cover is sealed in a clear plastic cover.

First Inside Page

Page 2

Porsche's line up for 1958!

Page 3

Factory office? Not sure why it's included!

Page 4

Different views at different times from the 356-A Sales Brochure (M&M 109), January 1956.

Page 5

Engines and Transaxles in the Porsche Factory assembly area!

356-A Coupe!

Page 6

Coupes include Carrera de Luxe and Carrera Gran Turismo!

Page 7

Above photo enlarged is also the subject of a factory postcard.

356-A Cabriolet!

Page 8

The Carrera GT option was not available for the Cabriolet!

Page 9

356-A Hardtop!

Page 10

New "Hardtop" is a Cabriolet with a removable hardtop!

Page 11

One picture water damaged, other is missing!

356-A Convertible (D)!

Page 12

Convertible (Convertible D) replaces Speedster for 1958!

Page 13

Another water damaged picture!

Picture above enlarged, and in Convertible D Brochure M&M 147!

Cover of the Convertible D Brochure M&M 147!

Inside the Convertible D Brochure, notice the licence plate number!

Page 14

These Convertible D pictures were water damaged!

356-A Carrera de Luxe and Carrera Gran Turismo!

Page 15

Page 16

Both pictures on this page were water damaged.

Same "Carrera" Hardtop as prior pictures, Swedish folder!

Page 17

This page enlarged to show readable detail!

Page 18

Carrera 4 cam engine!


Page 19

Coupe and Cabriolet!

The "D" on the Coupe above, which stands for Deutchland, was not a factory option!

Page 20

Page 21

Porsche's growth and fame was enhanced by racing!

Page 22

Gear ratio chart!

Page 23

Comprehensive Color Chart, enlarged to show readable detail!

           Page 24                            

Note the changes below, Cabriolet for Convertible, Convertible for Speedster!

Page 25

This page enlarged to show readable detail!

Page 26

This page enlarged to show readable detail!

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