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Porsche Special Tool Catalog, dated October 1965 (covers all 356's and early 911's).

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This website is about the Special Tools made for Porsche for 356 Porsches! These tools were designed specifically for specific repair and maintance functions that could not be accomplished using normally available tools, or at least these tools make an especially difficult task much easier! Initially, this website willl cover those special Porsche tools designed and made for 356 Pre-A, 356-A, 356-B and 356C Porsches for years 1950 to 1965. As this website grows, additional tools will be added for Carrera 4-Cam Motors. These tools were generally made available to dealers and were not normally sold to the general public. Tools with higher numbers than shown here are 911 or 912 or later tools.

The information presented here is all from Porsche factory sources, including the B/C factory workshop manual, and two factory tool catalogs dated 1960 and 1965. Some tools have been changed slightly over the years reflecting minor changes in the models. Information presented herein includes the factory tool number, the tool description, what the tool is used for, and one or more pictures. Some tools can essentially be duplicated by using readily available common tools, others cannot. Be aware that all factory tools have the tool number stamped somewhere on the tool for identification. These tools do not include the common tools found in the factory tool kits, which are covered in the following website.


356 Porsche Factory Toolkits!



Tool P1a - Electric Piston Heater.

Tool P1b - Electric Piston Heater Band 220 Volt.

Tool P2 - Piston Pin Mandrel.


Tool P2a - Piston Pin Mandrel.

Tool P3 - Spark Plug Wench.


Tool P4 - Clamp for Rocker Assembly.

Tool P5 - 15 mm Socket.


Pretty much any 15 mm socket would probably do just as well!

Tool P6 - Guide for Installation of the Push Rods.

Tool P7 - Valve Spring Compressor Set.


Tool P8 & P8a - Piston Ring Compressor, P8 = 80mm, P8a = 82.5 mm diameter.


Tool P9 - Suction Cup.


Tool P10a - Valve Spring Gauge.

Tool P10b - Valve Spring Adjuster.

Tool P11 - Valve Seat Cutter Handle and Shaft.




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Tool P12 - Valve Seat Cutter Set.


Tool P13a, P13b & P13c - Cylinder Gauge Setting Ring, a = 80mm, b= 74.5mm, c = 82.5 mm.


Tool P14 - Connecting Rod Gauge.


Tool P14b - Connecting Rod Gauge.

Tool P15 - Piston Pin Bushing Extractor and Press.


Tool P16 - Dial Guage Holder.


Tool P17 - Dial Gauge Holder.


Tool P18 - Spacer Tubes for Cylinders.


Tool P19 & P19a - T-handled Socket Wrench, P19 = 27mm, P19a = 24mm.


Tool P20 - Piston Ring Gap Grinder.


Tool P21a & P21b - Limit Gauge for Valve Guides, P21a = 8mm, P21b = 10mm.


Tool P22 - Gauge Setting Ring 57 mm Diameter.


Tool P23 & P24- Carburetor Wrench, P23 = 12 mm, P24 - 14mm.


Tool P25a - Measuring Glass.


Tool P26a - Punch for Oil Seal.

Tool P27a - Assembly Plate.


Tool P28 - Sleeve for P26.

Tool P30 - Puller for Brake Drums.


Tool P31 - Holder for Pinion Shaft.

Tool P31 - Holder for Pinion Shaft.


Tool P31a - Guide Pinion Shaft.


Tool P32 - Holding Fixture for Drive Shaft.

Tool P33 - Gauge.


Tool P34a - Pinion Shaft Holding Clamp.


Tool P35a - Gauge for Adjusting Clutch Release Bearing.


Tool P36 - Wrench Guide and Holder.


Tool P36a - Adapter for Knock-off Hub for P36.

Tool P36b - Brake Drum Holder and Wrench Guide.

Tool P37 - Holder for Main Shaft.


Tool P37 New - Locking Plate for Drive Shaft.

Tool P38 - Madrel for Brake Drums.


Tool P39 & P40 - Collar, P39 (Long) & P40 (Short).


Tool P41 - Assembly Ring.


Tool P42 & P42a - Torque Wrench, P42 and P42a (up to 75 mkg).



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Tool P43 - Puller for V-belt Pulley.


Tool P44 - Socket 36 mm.


Tool P44a - Extension Piece.

Tool P45 - Tube.


Tool P46 - Socket 32 mm.


Tool P47 - Piston Clamp for Wheel Brake Cylinder.


Tool P48 - Flanging Tool for Brake Lines.


Tool P49 - Retaining Spring (4).


Tool P50 - Ball and Punch.


Tool P50a - Ball and Punch.

Tool P51 - Sleve (4).


Tool P52 - Transmission Neck Locating Arbor.

Tool P53 - Radius Arm Jack.


Tool P53a - Radius Arm Tentioner.


Tool P54 - Puller.


Tool P55 - Press Stand.


Tool P56 - Press Block.


Tool P57 - Guide Pin (Short).


Tool 58 - Guide Pin (Long).


Tool P59 - Puller.


Tool P59 New - Bearing Extractor.

Tool P60 - Mandrel.


Tool P61 - Mandrel


Tool P62 - Drift.


Tool P63 - Puller for Wheel Bearing.


Tool P64 - Mandrel.


Tool P65 - Plate.


Tool P65a - Extractor.

Tool P66 - Puller.


Tool P66a - Extractor Hook.

Tool P67 & P67a - Press Guide.


Tool P68 - Selector Rod Guide.


Tool P69 - Stub Axle Gauge.


Tool P69a - Stub Axle Alignment Guage.

Tool P70 - Suspension Arm Guage.


Tool P71 - Sleeve.


Tool P72 - Puller for Steering Drop Arm (Pitman Arm).


Tool P73 - Press for Installing Oil Seal.


Tool P74 - Socket.


Tool P75 - Carburetor Synchronizing Unit.


Tool P76 - Carburetor Wrench 5.5mm.


Tool P77 - Fuel Level Measuring Glass.


Tool P78 - Float Level Gauge.


Tool P79 - Gauge Ring.


Tool P80 - Secondary Standard for Measuring Backlash of Teeth.

Tool P81- Allen Wrench.

Tool P82 - Press Accessory for Removing Rear Axle Seal.

Tool P83 - Piston Depressor for Pressing Pistons into Brake Calipers.

Tool P84 - Piston Gauge (Ate) for Installing Piston into Disc Brake Caliper..


Tool P85 - Press Accessory for Removing Outer Ring from Brake Drum.

Tool P117b - Spark Plug Wrench.

Tool P119 - Allen Wrench for Cylinder Head Nuts.

Tool P201 - Engine Repair Stand Adapter.

Tool - Frame Inspection Stand.

Instructions:  The inspection stand is used for checking the lower frame. The measuring points must have the prescribed gaps and, within the permissible tolerances, have to be the same on the right and left. The measuring device must be placed horizontally on solid ground and have a firm hold. For this purpose, an adjusting screw is fixed on one of the four legs. Through small modifications the same inspection stand can be used for checking the types:  356, 356-A, 356-B & 356-C.


Stay tuned for Tools for the Carrera Motors Type 547 and 692!


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356-B/C Factory Workshop Manual, Edition 1960, with Supplements for B T-6 and C.
Sonderwerkzeug-Katalog, Special Tools Catalog, Edition August 1960.
Sonderwerkzeug-Katalog, Special Tools Catalog, Edition October 1965 (includes early 911/912).


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