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  "Rebuilding Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors"  
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This book is about rebuilding Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors, about YOU rebuilding Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors. 150+ detailed pictures and descriptive text walk YOU through the rebuild step by step. This book is designed to show YOU how to do it right! Start with disassembly of your carburetor, turn the page! Then clean and refurbish the parts, turn the page! Then reassemble your carburetor step by step, turn the page! Lastly make final adjustments to your carburetor, and you're done! Rebuilding a carburetor is not ROCKET SCIENCE, particularly when YOU have a guide that shows YOU in pictures and tells YOU in text, what needs to be done and when. If this author can learn to rebuild a Zenith 32 NDIC Carburetor and make it work, SO CAN YOU!!!

Table of Contents!

 First Some Basics  - (page 1)
 Line Drawing - (page 1)
 Part Diagram - (page 2)
 Different Versions of Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors - (page 3)
 Table - Types of Zeniths Carburetors - (page 3)
 Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors are Date Stamped - (page 4)
 Left Side & Right Side Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors - (page 5)
 What's in a Rebuild Kit? - (page 7)

 Disassembly of the Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetor!
 Separating Carburetor Top, Main Carburetor Body & Throttle Body - (page 9)
 Removing Floats - (page 11)
 Removing Idle Mixture Screws - (page 13)
 Separating Throttle Body from Carburetor Body - (page 14)
 Basic Cleaning - (page 15)
 Removing Main Jets & Idle Jets from Main Carburetor Body - (page 18)
 Removing Pump Jets & Starter Cover - (page 21)
 Removing Pump Suction Valve & Pump Pressure Valve - (page 22)
 Removing Mixture Tube Holders (with Diffusers) - (page 24)
 Disassembling & Cleaning Mixture Tube Holders (with Diffusers) - (page 26)
 Removing & Cleaning Idling Jet Air Bleed or Idle Air Jets - (page 27)
 Removing Accelerator Pump Injection Nozzles & Venturis - (page 28)
 Removing & Cleaning Retaining Screws & Fixing Screw or Plug - (page 33)
 Resurfacing flat areas: Throttle Body, Main Carb Body, Carb Top - (page 34)
 Checking and Cleaning Main Jets & Idle Jets - (page 38)
 Cleaning Throttle Lever, Pump Control Rod & Tension Spring - (page 39)
 Replacing Accelerator Pump Piston & Float Valve - (page 42)

 Reassembly of the Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetor!  
 Installing Venturis & Retaining Screws - (page 48)
 Installing Pump Pressure Valve & Pump Suction Valve - (page 50)
 Reassembly of Main Carb Body & Throttle Body - (page 52)
 Installing Pump Jets & Accelerator Pump Injection Nozzles - (page 54)
 Installing Fixing Screw (Plug) - (page 56)
 Installing Mixture Tube Holders (w/Diffusers), Air Correction Jets - (page 57)
 Installing Main Jets & Idle Jets - (page 59)
 Installing Idle Mixture Screws - (page 61)
 Installing Floats - (page 63)
 Installing Jets Cover Plate - (page 65)
 Replacing Starter Cover - (page 69)
 Checking Threaded Hole top of Carb Body for Return Spring Hook - (page 70)  
 Reassembly of Carburetor Top and Carburetor Body - (page 72)
 Checking Tension Spring - (page 76)

 Adjusting your Rebuilt Carburetor!
 Adjusting your Rebuilt Carburetor - (page 77)
 Adjusting the Float Level - (page 77)
 Checking/Adjusting Fuel Injection Ratio - (page 83)
 Balancing Carburetors - (page 88)
 Finished Carburetor & Some Summary Thoughts - (page 89)

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