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March 4, 2011 Note:  A recent comprehensive effort has been undertaken to locate all of the 356 Porsche Service Bulletins from the beginning through and covering the 356-C/SC Porsches. This effort to find, digitize and list these service bulletins has been extensive and time consuming on the part of more than six well known 356 Porsche enthusiasts. Service Bulletins that were not previously listed on this website, which have been found through this effort have been added below. As time passes, we will endeavor to complete this listing as much as possible. If you have any of the Service bulletins listed by number in red below, please contact this author at the email address listed below!


The purpose of this website is to provide as complete a listing as possible of the Factory Service Bulletins published by Porsche for the 356 series cars 1950 to 1965. Service Bulletins were published for many reasons. Some cover part changes in mid-production. Others cover problem areas discovered in the field. Some cover special service issues, and some even cover stolen cars. They are a wealth of information that is often not found in the factory workshop manuals or the parts books.

Service Bulletins are numbered sequentially by year such as 1/55 & 18/59 for years through 1959. Sometime around 1960 certain numbers are preceded by a letter, such as F1/61, H15/63, & M21/65. The letters used are M, H, and F which stand for:

M = Motor and Clutch.

H = Gearbox.

F = Chassis, Body, Electrical Installation.

Service Bulletins after about 1959 are also color coded. "M" Bulletins are Blue, "H" Bulletins are Reddish Brown, and "F" Bulletins are Green. Sometime later "W" and "S" Bulletins were used which are on cream colored paper. Early Service Bulletins were also printed on cream colored paper. One big problem with Service Bulletins is that they were printed on really crappy paper and as a result, because of age, the paper is yellowing badly and literally falling apart.

   SB 21/61:  Workshop Manual Type 356 B in French                         SB H6/62:  Differential Carrier

        SB F1/62:   Installation of Pull Switch for Fog Lamps                 SB M3/63:  Upper Oil Cooler Fanhousing

You will note as you go through this list that some of the Service Bulletin Titles are missing. They are colored in red. SB #'s with titles in red were taken from available indexes, however the actual Service Bulletin was missing. If you have any of the missing Service Bulletins, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. A copy of the Service Bulletin would be greatly appreciated, and the info will be added to this list. The information needed is the Service Bulletin number, date, and subject. Recognition will be given in this website for all contributions. Hopefully this listing can be completed for the use of all.


Charlie White
Scottsdale, Arizona




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Some Interesting Service Bulletins:

27/55 HD (heavy duty) oils.
01/56 Modifications - Type 356-A Speedster.
04/58 Carburetor Zenith 32 NDIX.
07/58 Conversion Hardtop/Convertible.
18/59 Fastening of tension rod on Convertible "D".
28/59 Conversion of vehicles Type 356 and 356-A into vehicles Type 356-B.
41/59 Installation of fog lamps subsequent to delivery vehicle Type 356-B.
F5/61 Changing the Windshield on Roadster Cars.
F7/61 Remedy against Water Entry into the Tunnel at the Acceleration Rod.
F1/62 Installation of the Pull Switch for Fog Lamps.
F6/62 Installation of the Loudspeakers.
F8/62 Installation of an Anti-Theft Device.
F17/62 Installation of the Safety Belts.
F8/64 Transistor Tachometer.


Recently added Service Bulletin #'s shown in YELLOW!



1952 Service Bulletins



October 52 Carburetor adjustments for PORSCHE cars "1500 Super".

1/52 to 8/52

9/52 Cancelled by the Factory.


11/52 Cancelled by the Factory.

12/52 to 15/52

16/52 to 18/52 Cancelled by the Factory.

19/52 to 27/52

28/52 to 29/52 Cancelled by the Factory.

1953 Service Bulletins




2/53 Starting torque moment for bolts and nuts on the Model 356 Porsche.

3/53 Installation of Clutch Pressure Bearings Assemblies.

4/53 to 11/53

12/53 Changing the Cyliner Heads of Porsche Engines.

13/53 Synchro - Mesh Transmission Type 519.


15/53 1. Main Shaft.  2. Cage for Roller Bearings 1st and 2nd Gear of Synchro - Mesh Gear Box.

16/53 Camshaft for Type 528, 1.5 liters, 70 hp, Type 546, 1.5 liters, 55 hp, Type 506, 1.3 liters. 44 hp, Type 369, 1.1 liters, 40 hp. 

17/53 to 37/53

38/53 Cancelled by the Factory.


1954 Service Bulletins


1/54 to 21/54

22/54 Cancelled by the Factory.

1955 Service Bulletins



No Index

1/55 Removal of Defective Instruments.

2/55 Warmth of Hella Blinker.

3/55 Installing Brake Hose Clamp for Rear Axle.

4/55 Change of Tolerance for right and left stub axle.

5/55 Type 539 Three-Piece Crankcase.

6/55 Modification of Spare Parts in our Catalog II.

7/55 Heating Pull Assembly with Sleeving.

8/55 Quantity of Grease in Front Hub.


10/55 Refinishing Plain Bearing Crankshafts.

11/55 Windshield Wiper Blades.

12/55 Modifications of Conditions of Guarantee.

13/55 New Service Book.

14/55 Packing of front wheel bearing.

15/55 Brake fluid PENTOSIN - super fluid.

16/55 Main bearing shells II.

17/55 Combined push rods.

18/55 Rubber for front gear box suspension spare part No. 356.21.118.

19/55 Protection against grease leak on speedometer cable.

20/55 Replacement of clutch lining.

21/55 Distributor for engine Type 1500 RS.

22/55 Bore for Oil Return on Oil Pressure Relief Valve in Front Crankcase Cover.

23/55 Exhaust valve, spare part No. 546.05.204.

24/55 Camshaft end play in housing.

25/55 Nomenclature (New Models 356-A).

26/55 Wheel alignment.

27/55 HD (heavy duty) oils.

28/55 Carburetor adjustment for Type 1300-S (589/2) with 32 PICB carburetor.

29/55 Carburetor adjustment 40 PICB for 1300 Super.

30/55 Breaking in instructions for new and rebuilt engines (extract - Owner's manual Type 356-A).

31/55 Cancelled by the Factory.

32/55 Pressing in of pivot pin, suspension arm link bushings made of Aeterna AF 50.

33/55 Electrode gap of spark plugs for stationery engine.

34/55 Radio interference supression of engine Type 1500 GS.

35/55 Misfiring.

36/55 Modifications - Type 356-A. (added 3/18/11)

37/55 Carburetor Adjustment for Engine Type 1600-S. (added 3/18/11)

38/55 Carburetor Adjustment for Engine Type 1600. (added 3/18/11)

39/55 Carburetor Adjustment for Engine Type 1500 GS. (added 3/18/11)


41/55 Breaking In Instructions for New and Rebuilt Engines Type 1500 GS (Carrera). (added 3/18/11)


1956 Service Bulletins



No Index

1/56 Modifications - Type 356-A Speedster.

2/56 Excessive springing action of front axle.

3/56 Cylinder heads with Heli-Coil thread inserts.

4/56 Rubber sleeves for compensation line.

5/56 Red Shaded Speed Range on Tachometer.

6/56 Engine Oils for Carrera & Spyder.

7/56 Inventory of cadmium plated studs for crank cases, cylinder head and transmission mount.

8/56 Upholstery covers made of transparent foil.

9/56 LABO - oil.

10/56 Oil Consumption on Engines Type 1600 and 1600S.

11/56 Modification on Porsche Type 356 A (Porsche-Synchromesh transmission with new housing Type 644).

12/56 Ventilation of the clutch.


14/56 Oil seal for steering gear.

15/56 Valve clearance of engines 1500 GS and 1500 RS.

16/56 Valve Clearance on Industrial Engines Type 616/3, 616/5 and Engines Type 597 installed in Hunt Wagens. (added 3/18/11)

17/56 Misfiring on Engine Type 1500 GS (Carrera). (added 3/18/11)


1957 Service Bulletins



No Index

1/57 Instruction book for the engine Type 1500 GS - Carrera.

2/57 Transmission oil for transmission Type 519 and Type 644.

3/57 Information binder.

4/57 Engine oil for new engines, reconditioned or partially overhauled engines Type
        1300, 1300-S, 1600, 1600-S, 1500, 1500-S.

5/57 Workshop manual 356-A.

5a/57 Workshop manual 356-A.

6/57 Oil for steering gear.

7/57 Cancelled Technical Bulletins.

8/57 Lateral transmission cover gaskets.

9/57  Cigar lighter.  (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)

10/57 Pistons with offset pins.

11/57 Adjusting screw for valve clearance adjustment.

12/57 Dual downdraft carburetor Solex 40 PII-4

13/57 Cleaning headliner of the car.

14/57 Shift forks.

15/57 Corrosion protection.

16/57 Retaining spring for inner tube valve.

17/57 Brake drums with ventilation holes.

18/57 Starter.

19/57 Camshaft gears.

20/57 Oil seal for large pully.

21/57 Windshield wiper motor.

22/57 Window weather strip.

23/57  Transmission oil.  (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)

24/57 Theft.

25/57 Transmission rubber mounts - front, 356-A Carrera GS, GT.

26/57 Transmission ratios for USA 356-A Carrera GS GT.

27/57 Intermediate plate and clamping plate for transmission.

28/57 Gasket for transmission case side cover.

29/57 Clutch (new type clutch).

30/57 Differential side gears and differential pinions.

31/57 Shift collar.

32/57 Engine Oil for Industrial Engines.  (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)


1958 Service Bulletins


No Index


1//58 RCC tappets for Super engines.

2/58 Porsche Special Tools.  (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)

3/58 Oil cooler.

4/58 Carburetor Zenith 32 NDIX.

5/58 Exchange of crankshafts.

6/58 Freezing of the front hood.

7/58 Conversion Hardtop/Convertible.

8/58 Rear brake drums.

9/58 Adjustment and installation instructions for ZF one-finger steering gear (Ross system)

10/58 Gray-cast cylinders and pistons.

11/58 Oil for VW steering gear.

12/58 Use of different tires.

13/58 Brake lining and brake back plate.

14/58 Oil passage for distributor shaft drive.

15/58 Brake shoes 11 in. (280mm).

16/58 Brake shoes.

17/58 Light metal parts containing magnesium.

18/58 Lubrication of additional wind-wings.

19a/58 Soft-nitrated differential cases.

19b/58 Soft-nitrated differential cases.

20/58 Reinforced stub axles.

21/58 Carburetor adjustment - Engine Type 1600 GS (int. 692/2).

22/58 Engine Lubrication.

23/58 Bore at the dowel pin hole bearing no. 3, crankcase.

24/58 Rear Axle nut.

25/58 Starters.

26/58 Oil cooler, part No. 616.07.017.

27/58 Gear cover - front.

28/58 Table of weights, cars Type 356-A.

29/58 Amendments for workshop manual Type 356-A.

30/58 Covers for lower air guides of the Carrera engine.

31/58 Cleaning the wind shields.

32/58 Clutch thrust bearing.

1959 Service Bulletins

No Index

1/59 Introduction of the synchromesh transmission Type 716.

2/59 Float needle valve 125 for carburetors 32 NDIX.

3/59 Valve springs.

4/59 Guarantee work on ZF steering gears.

5/59 Unsymmetrical low beams.

6/59 Crankcase cover (INVALID)

7/59 Intermediate flange for fuel pump.

8/59 Spring for pressure release valve.

9/59 Valve push rods.

10/59 Theft of a Porsche vehicle (INVALID)

11/59 Pistons with oil slits in the third piston ring groove.

12/59 Installation instructions for steering drop arm.

13/59 Assenbly guide for engine Type 1600 GS Carrera.

14/59 Cleaning of winshield washer assembly.

15/59 Windshield wiper assembly.

16/59 Lists of operation time.

17/59 Bearing shells for No. 2 bearing.

18/59 Fastening of tension rod on Convertible "D".

19/59 Carburetor adjustment engine Type 1600 GS "GT" (int. 692/3).

20/59 Reinforced Disc wheels for Carrera vehicles.

21/59 Differential gear housing cover.

22/59 Special Tool P 63.

23/59 Oil system in Carrera Engines (int. Type 692).

24/59 Mountings for roll bar.

25/59 Molybdenum disulphate-Engine oil additive.

26/59 Introduction of vehicle type 356-B


28/59 Conversion of vehicles Type 356 and 356-A into vehicles Type 356-B.

29/59 Tightening torque for nuts on connecting rods with increased height of bosses.

30/59 Adjustment of transmission linkage.

31/59 Reconditioning of reinforced connecting rods.

32/59 Oil specifications.

33/59 Frame inspection stand for Types 356, 356-A, and 356-B.

34/59 Workshop manual for the industrial engine type 616/2.

35/59 Special tool P 35 a.

36/59 Selector fork for reverse gear.

37/59 Valve plates for fuel pump.

38/59 Position of wheels of vehicle Type 356-B.

39/59 Electrode gap for spark plugs.

40/59 Gasket for blind flange to starting carburetor for carburetor Zenith 32 NDIX.

41/59 Installation of fog lamps subsequent to delivery vehicle Type 356-B.


43/59 Warranty work on the windshield washer assembly.

44/59 Notification of car theft.

45/59 Oil slinger on belt pulley (crankshaft).

46/59 200 watt generator.

47/59 Needle bearings for 3rd & 4th gear.

48/59 Delivery of spare pistons for Carrera engines.

49/59 SWF windshield wiper arms and blades.

50/59 Filling in of Service Books as of January 1, 1960.


1960 Service Bulletins



"F" Index dated 1/12/61

F1/60 Door Locks with Workmanship Defect.

F2/60 Optional Installation of the Compensating Spring.

F2a/60 Optional Installation of the Compensating Spring.

F3/60 Brake shoes.

F4/60 Suspension arm link pins.

F5/60 Boden wire for remote control lock.

F6/60 Torques of bolts and nuts at the chassis.

F7/60 Top lock for vehicles of the Roadster model.

F8/60 Water drain tube for sliding roof at the Coupe.

F9/60 Installation of steering dampers.

F10/60 Squealing of brakes.

F11/60 Adjusting screw for front wheel brake cylinders.

F12/60 Corrective Measures for water ingress in the Passenger Compartment.

F13/60 Installation of gear shifting locks.

F14/60 Rear brake back plate of ventilated brakes.

F15/60 Rubber bearings and covers of the radius arm hub.

F16/60 KONI shock absorbers.

F17/60 Brake lines, rear.

F18/60 Use of Winter Tread Tires.

"H" Index dated 1/12/61

H1/60 Fulcrum plats.

H2/60 Transmission mount.

H3/60 Torques of bolts and nuts at the fear Type 741.

H4/60 Difficult shifting on the gear changing.

H5/60 Securing Hexagon head screws ring gear-differential gear housing.

H6/60 Fulcrum plates.

"M" Index dated 1/12/61

M1/60 Protection cap on oil pressure switch.

M2/60 Adapter at oil-pressure switch.

M3/60 Ball values with Solex 40 PII-4 carburetors.

M4/60 Quantity injected with Solex 40 PII-4 carburetors.

M5/60 Introduction of engine Type 1600 S-90.

M6/60 Supply of connecting rod and bearing shell spare parts.

M6a/60 Supply of connecting rod and bearing shell spare parts. 

M7/60 Plate spring clutch A 10.

M8/60 Gauge-ring for plate spring clutch.

M9/60 Crankcase Cover with big oil pump.

M10/60 Slow running nozzele for dual down draft carburetor Solex 40 PII-4.

M11/60 Float needle valve with spring for carburetor 32 NDIX.

M11a/60 Float needle valve with spring for carburetor 32 NDIX.

M12/60 Valve guides.

M13/60 Torques of bolts and nuts for vehicle-and industrial engines.

M14/60 Valve spring retainer Spare Part No. 616.105.421.00.

M15/60 Connecting rod bolts for Carrera Engines.

M16/60 Main bearing 2 in Carrera Engines.

M17/60 Interrupted Fuel Lines for Vehicle Engines.

M18/60 Counterplate for plate spring clutch A 10.

M19/60 Valve springs.

M20/60 Cap nut torque for Carrera Engines. (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)

M21/60 Bore in the ball valve of the acceleration pump on Solex 40 PII-4 Carburetors.

M22/60 Exhaust rocker arm with splash oil passages.

M23/60 Oil cooler.

M24/60 Filter element for by-pass oil filters.

M25/60 Aluminum washers for Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors.


1961 Service Bulletins


Index dated 2/19/62

1/61 Special Tools Catalogue for Types 356, 356-A, 356-B

2/61 Workshop Manual type 356-B.

3/61 Booklet entitled "types, Measures, & Tolerances".

4/61 Charts for Vehicle Type 356-B

5/61 Notification of Car Theft.

6/61 Notification of Car Theft.

7/61 Notification of Car Theft.

7/61 Notification of Car Theft.

8/61 Notification of Car Theft.

9/61 Notification of Car Theft.

10/61 Luminous Porsche Service Sign.

11/61 Notification of Car Theft.

12/61 Notification of Car Theft.

13/61 Notification of Car Theft.

14/61 Notification of Car Theft.

15/61 Notification of Car Theft.

16/61 Notification of Car Theft.

17/61 Notification of Car Theft.

18/61 Exchange Parts and Units Warranty.

19/61 Training Courses 1962.

20/61 Notification of Car Theft.

21/61 Workshop Manual Type 356-B in French.

22/61 Submission of Warranty Claims.

23/61 Warranty on Radios and Batteries.

"F" Index dated 1/22/62

F1/61 Upper and Lower Suspension Arms with Needle Bearings.

F2/61 Pin for Clutch Cable Connection to Clutch Pedal Shaft.

F3/61 Installation of Gear Shift Locks in 356-B Cars.

F4/61 Adjustment of the Compensating Spring.

F5/61 Changing the Windshield on Roadster Cars.

F6/61 Securing the Mounting Bolts of the Front Brake Back Plate & the Gear-shift Rod Coupling                  Setscrew.

F7/61 Remedy against Water Entry into the Tunnel at the Acceleration Rod.

F8/61 Recharging of New Batteries filled with acid.

F9/61 Inspection of the Brake Line.

F10/61 Position of the Steering gear on the Upper Axle Tube.

F11/61 Introduction of Vehicle Type 356-B, 1962 Model.

F12/61 Boge Shock Absorbers.

F13/61 Special Tool P 70.

F14/61 Warm Air Heater of Vehicle Type Hardtop.

F15/61 Remedy against Air Entry into the Passenger Compartment.

F16/61 Seat Rail.

F17/61 Brake Line Front Right.

F18/61 Lock of the Gear Shift Lever.

F19/61 Reinforcement of the Rear Hood.

F20/61 Assembling Instruction for Vehicle Type 356-B, 1962 Model (in French only).

"H" Index dated 1/22/62

H1/61 Transmission housing.

H2/61 Subsequent installation of axially guided clutch release bearing in Type 356-A cars.

H3/61 Securing crown wheel setscrews.

H4/61 Gear shifting.

H5/61 Rear axle shafts.

H6/61 Differential carrier.

"M" Index dated 1/22/62

M1/61 Installation of Disc Spring Type Clutch in Cars of earlier Types.

M2/61 Removal of the Connecting Rod Covers.

M3/61 Slipping clutches.

M3a/61 Slipping clutches.

M4/61 No. 1 Crankshaft Bearing.

M5/61 Camshaft timing gear coated with LM 64 Liqui-Moly anti-ware protection.

M6/61 Carrera Type 692/3 A Engine.

M7/61 T-17 Bosch Spark plugs for Carrera engines.

M8/61 Oil supply to main bearing III.

M9/61 Insulating flanges between fuel pump and connecting flange.

M10/61 Rubber gasket for oil channel spare part no. 539.01.122.

M11/61 Connecting rods - bores for the threaded inserts.

M12/61 Governor of the Industrial Engines.

M13/61 Filler cap for fuel tank.

M14/61 Gasket for by-pass oil filter.

M15/61 Spark plugs type Bosch W 225 T 7.

M16/61 Solex Carburetor 40 PII-4.

M17/61 A 12 Disc. Spring clutch.

M18/61 Flywheel fastening in the Carrera engine.

M19/61 Stud of the intake camshaft.

M20/61 Radial seal.


1962 Service Bulletins


No Index


2/62 Workshop Manual for Porsche Industrial engine.

3/62 Additions to the Porsche Flate Rate Booklet.


5/62 Pocket-Size Book "Typen, Masse, Toleranzen".

6/62 Repair and Chassis Jig.

7/62 Servicing of partially rebuilt engines.

8/62 Execution of maintenance work on new cars.




12/62 Carrera Guide for Engines Type 1500 GS, 1600 GS and 2000 GS. (added 2/25/11)

"F" Index dated 1962

F1/62 Installation of the Pull Switch for Fog Lamps.

F2/62 Horn Ring.

F3/62 Undercoating Protection or Rust Proofing.

F4/62 Air Draught.

F5/62 Vehicle, Type Coupe.

F6/62 Installation of the Loudspeakers.

F7/62 Water Drain of the Filler Cap Recess.

F8/62 Installation of an Anti-Theft Device.

F9/62 Switch for Variable Speed Windshield Wiper.

F10/62 Closing the Convertible Top.

F11/62 Lubrication Chart and Maintenance Plan for Carrera Vehicles Type 2000 GS.

F12/62 Displacement of the Speedometer Cable.

F13/62 Clutch Operation System.

F14/62 Radio Interference Suppressors for Engine type 2000 GS.

F15/62 Gearshift Lever.

F16/62 Anti-Theft Device for Porsche Vehicles.

F17/62 Installation of the Safety Belts.

F18/62 Shims for Link Pin in Connection with Disc Brakes.

F19/62 WIndshield Wiper.

F20/62 The Rear Hood Rubbing at the Tenax Buttons - with Cabriolets.

F21/62 Torsion bars for Vehicles with Compensating Spring.

F22/62 Heater Aggregate BN4.

F23/62 Winter Tires and Non-Skid Chains for our Vehicles.

F24/62 Gearshift Lever.

F25/62 Brake Lines.

F26/62 Heater BN 4.

F27/62 Adjusting Nuts on Wheel Brake Cylinders.

"H" Index dated 1/17/63

H1/62 Gear ratios.

H2/62 Reworking large differential pinions.

H3/62 Locking of the ring gear fastening screws.

H4/62 Bearing cover for real axle in connection with disc. brakes.

H5/62 Thrust washers for large pinions.

H6/62 Lubrication of the guide for clutch release bearing.

H7/62 Setting dimensions "R" for pinior shaft and ring gear.

H8/62 Ring gear fixing bolt.

"M" Index dated 1962

M1/62* Governor drive for industrial engines (EUROPE ONLY)

M2/62 Piston rings marking.

M3/62 Gasket for by-pass oil filter.

M4/62 Solex carburetor 40 PII-4

M5/62 Radial seal

M6/62 Valve springs.

M7/62 Connecting rod with threated bolt.

M8/62 Crankshaft end play.

M9/62 Exhaust valve

M10/62 Carburetor specifications for engine Type 2000 GS (Int. 587/1).

M11/62 F&S M 180 K Spring cup clutch.

M12/62 Weight differential in pistons of one engine.

M13/62 Crankshaft with improved oil bore system and counterweights.

M14.62 Oil passage in crankcase cover.

M15/62 Diaphragm clutch F&S M 180 K.

M16/62 V-belt.

M17/62 Crankshaft with improved oil bore system.

M18/62 Replacement of flywheels for Engine Type 1600 S-90.

M19/62 Use of spark plugs for fuel with a low octane number.

M20/62 Tension rings of Carrera engines.

M21/62 Engine oils.

M22/62 Replacement of connecting rods

M23/62 Oil cooler.

M24/62 Spark plugs

M25/62 Seizing of the inlet rocker arms.

M26/62 Oil control rings.

M26a/62 Oil control rings.

M27/62 Valve spring.

M28/62 Installing and removing valve springs and valve spring retainers.

M29/62 Oil hoses on the oil cooler.

M30/62 Securing of pillow blocks on the rocker arm support.

1963 Service Bulletins



Index dated 1/20/64 (added 1/25/11)






6/63 Distribution of Technical Bulletins




10/63 Carrera guide for Engines type 1500 GS, 1600GS, & 2000GS in English.

11/63 Europe Only.

12/63 Europe Only.

13/63 Europe Only.

14/63 Europe Only.

15/63 Supplement to Workshop Manual 356 C (German).

16/63 Europe Only.

17/63 Repair Instructions for Type 356 C (English).

"F" Index dated 2/6/64

F1/63 Koni Shock Absorbers.

F2/63 Jamming Parking Brake Actuating Lever Shaft.

F3/63 Modified Frame Inspection Stand for Vehicles with enlarged Heading Tube Diameter in Side                Bars.

F3a/63 Modified Frame Inspection Stand for Vehicles with enlarged Heading Tube Diameter in Side              Bars.

F4/63 Starting difficulties with cold Carrera vehicles Type 356 B/2000 GS.

F5/63 Technical Data of Vehicle Type 356 B/2000 GS Version GT.

F6/63 Brake Lining.

F7/63 Use of Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) on our vehicles.

F8/63 Subsequent installation of the BN4 Heater.

F9/63 Fresh Air Blower.

F10/63 Shock Absorber.

F11/63 Outside/Inside Thermometer.

F12/63 Winter Tires for our Vehicles.

F12a/63 Winter Tires for our Vehicles.

F13/63 Rubber Cuff for Signal Operation.

F14/63 Suspension Arm Bearing.

F15/63 Introduction of Vehicle Type 356 C. (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)

F16/63 Porsche Disc Brake on Carrera Vehicles.

F17/63 Brake connecting lines of brake calipers on disc brakes.

F18/63 Mirror Bracket for Exacta-Measuring Gauge, Receiver Flange for Wheel Balancing Machine
             and Special Tools.

F19/63 Slotted Rim Wheels.

F20/63 Roadholding of Vehicles Type 356 C.

F21/63 Denotation of Tires.

F22/63 Imtermediate piece for torque measuring device for adjustment of pressure point.

"H" Index dated 1/20/64 (added 1/25/11)

H1/63 Shaft for reverse sliding gear and intermediate plate.

H2/63 Ring gear fastening screws.

H3/63 Marking of transmissions when installing new ring gear fastening screws.

H4/63 Ring gear and differential carrier with 12 fastening screws.

"M" Index dated 2/5/64 (added 1/25/11)

M1/63 Heating unit type 356 B T-6, testing mark s 50.

M2/63 Crank case.

M3/63 Upper oil cooler fanhousing.

M4/63 Oil strainer and centrifugal valve.

M5/63 Modified air filter against gasoline smell.

M6/63 Throttle butterfly and throttle spindle of Solex 40 PII-4 carburetor.

M7/63 Oil cooler.

M8/63 Crankcase with enlarged suction pipe 16 mm dia.

M9/63 Spark plugs for engine Type 2000 GS.

M10/63 Elastic clutch disc.

M11/63 Ignition cable plug for Carrera Engine Type 2000GS.

M12/63 Invalid - withdrawn

M12a/63 Conversion of Engine Type 1600 S from light metal to cast iron cylinders.

M13/63 Cover plate with magnetic filter.

M14/63 Subsequent installation of crankcase ventilation type 356-C.

M15/63 Maximum speed in unloaded state.  (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)

M16/63 Gudgeon pins.

M17/63 Cylinder head nuts, spare part no. 616.104.383.00.

M18/63 Height of Ferral-Cylinders.

M19/63 Changes on 2000 GS Carrera engine.  (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)

1964 Service Bulletins


No Index


1/64 Service Booklet Supplement for Vehicle Type 356-C. (added 1/25/11)











12/64 Introduction of the kilopond and pond in technical literature.

No "F" Index

F1/64 Fuel gauge gasket, Part No. 644.201.891.06.

F2/64 Brake Line Inspection.

F3/64 Introduction of the vehicle Carrera GTS/904.

F4/64 Winter tread tires and tire chains.

F5/64 Flexible shaft for sun roof.

F6/64 Sticking brake pads on disc brakes.

F7/64 Spot repairs on fiber glass bodies.

F8/64 Transistor Tachometer.

F9/64 Workshop Facilities for Vehicle Type 901.

F10/64 FERODO DS 11 Disc Brake Pads.

F11/64 Release of disc brake pads for Porsche vehicles.

F12/64 Introduction of Vehicle Type 911.

F13/64 Winter tread tires and tire chains.

F13a/64 Winter tread tires and tire chains.

F14/64 Slotted Rim Wheels.

No "H" Index

H1/64 Heavy duty circlips for roller bearing race.

H2/64 Gear set designation 904.

H3/64 Leakage of Transmission Fluid through the Breather.

No "M" Index

M1/64 Electric fuel pump.

M2/64 Pilot shaft bushing in flywheel bolt.

M3/64 Soft nitrated crankshafts for 1600 C engines.

M4/64  Biral Cylinders.  (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)

M5/64 Carburetor adjustment and Conversion to 587/3 Engine.

M6/64 Tachometer drive.

M7/64 Oil cooler with M 8-mounting bolts.

M8/64 Modified SOLEX 40 PII-4 Carburetor.

M9/64 New Cylinder Head Colour.

M10/64 Modified Pushrods.


M12/64 Engine Oil Filter for Vehicle Type 911.

M13/64 Sticking of the Clutch Plate.

M14/64 Modified Throttle Valves.


1965 Service Bulletins




Index dated 1/11/661/65 Notification of a car theft.



2/65 Training of Porsche Specialists.

3/65 Submission of warranty claims, for vehicle Type 911.

4/65 Blank keys for vehicles type 911 & 912.

5/65 Delivery Certificate.

6/65 Notification of car theft.

7/65 Workshop facilities.  (Courtesy of Mike Robbins)

8/65 Maintenance/repair services rendered by factory's repair shop for Porsche Production Cars.

9/65 Notification of car theft.

10/65 Notification of car theft.

11/65 Notification of car theft.

12/65 Notification of car theft.

13/65 Notification of car theft.

14/65 Not Listed.

15/65 Notification of car theft.

16/65 Notification of car theft.

17/65 Submission of warranty claims to the end of the year 1965.



20/65 Champion L 82 Y spark plug, part no. 999.170.024.90.

"F" Index dated 1/3/66

F1/65 Supression Equipment Configuration for Radios AM, FM, Long & Short Wave.

F2/65 Selector Rod Mounting.

F3/65 Installation Instruction for the Propeller Shaft having Slotted Holes.

F4/65 Improved Ventilation of Turn Signal-Parking Lamp Units.

F5/65 Modified Engine Cover Seal.

F6/65 Fuel Tank Ventilation.

F7/65 Webasto P 1018 Heater.

F8/65 Door Hinge Attaching Screw.

F9/65 Maximum Adjustable Distance between Optical Alighment Microscopes.

F10/65 Introduction of Vehicle Type 912.

F11/65 Steering Damper Parts No. 901.347.501.00.

F12/65 Disc Brake Pads.

F13/65 Eliminating Water Leaks.

F14/65 Installing the Stop Light Switch.

F15/65 Installing the Lobro Universal Shaft.

F16/65 911 Wiring Diagrams.

F17/65 Sketch for Improved Towing Hook.

F18/65 Eliminating Water Leaks.

F19/65 Cleaning the Plastic Lenses of the Lighting Equipment.

F20/65 Amending to 300-Mile Maintenance Inspection.

F21/65 Eliminating Water Leaks.

F22/65 Checking the Battery Electrolyte Level.

F23/65 Eccentric for Toe-In Adjustment at Rear.

F24/66 Supression Equipment for Radios AM, FM, Long, and Short Wave.

F25/65 Selector Rod Mounting.

F26/65 Front Brake Caliper Cover Plate Part No. 901.351.930.10.

F27/65 Attaching Bolt Locking Devices for the Rack and Pinion Steering Gear.

F28/65 Delivery Inspection of Type 911 and 912.

F29/65 Subsequent Installation of the Webasto Heater Model P 1018 in Vehicle Type 912.

F30/65 Winter Tread Tires and Tire Chains.

F30a/65 Winter Tread Tires and Tire Chains.

F31/65 Export Heater.

F32/65 Run-Down Batteries.

F33/65 New Model Designation of the Good-Year "Grand-Prix" 6,95 H 15.

F34/65 Replacement Door Seal.

F35/65 912 Wiring Diagram.

F36/65 Koni-Shock Absorbers Front and Rear.

F37/65 Blocking Diode for Webasto Heater P 1018.

"H" Index dated 1/3/66

H1/65 Needle Cage for Transmission Parts No. 999.201.104.00.

H2/65 Clutch Disengaging Fork.

H3/65 Modified Synchronizing Parts.

H4/65 902/1 Transmission Model.

H5/65 New Ball Fulcrum Pin for Clutch Release Fork.

"M" Index dated 1/3/66

M1/65 Permissable Crankshaft Speed for the Type 2000 Engine.

M2/65 Carburetor Adjustment for the Solex 40PI Carburetor.

M3/65 Oil Deposits on the Heat Exchangers of Vehicle Type 911.

M4/65 Maintenance Work PW 1 and PW 10 of Vehicle Type 911.

M6/65 Complaints about Excessive Fuel Comsumption of Vehicle type 356 C.

M7/65 Reinforced Lower Camshaft Housing Cover of Vehicle Type 911.

M8/65 New thickness of Gaskets for Engine Type 2000.

M9/65 Beru Spark Plug P 225/14.

M10/65 Installation Instructions for the Solex 40 PI Carburetor.

M11/65 Lubrication and Maintenance of the Vehicle Type 911.

M12/65 Silencer for Intake Air Heating Hose of Type 912.

M13/65 Cylinder and Piston Sets for Vehicle Type 356 C and Type 912.

M14/65 Flywheel and Starter of Vehicle Type 911.

M15/65 Regapping the Bosch W 250 P 21 Spark Plug with Platinum ELectrodes.

M16/65 Clutch Pressure Plate Attaching Screws for the Vehicle Type 911 and 912.

M17/65 New Distributor with Firing Point at 5 degrees BTC.

M18/65 Jet Carrier Gasket on the Solex 40 PI Carburetor.

M19/65 Ignition Timing on Engine Type 2000.

M20/65 Champion L 82 Y Spark Plug Part No. 999.170.024.90.

M21/65 Cylinders of the Engine Type 912.

M22/65 Reconditioning Flywheels of the Engine Type 2000.

M23/65 Cylinders of the Engine Type 2000.

M24/65 Intake Mufflers for the Engine Type 912.

M25/65 Float, Part No. 901.108.906.00 of the Solex type 40 PI Carburetor.

M26/65 Flywheels for Engine Type 2000.

M27/65 Camshaft Housing Splash Lubrication.

M28/65 Oil Filter.

1966 Service Bulletins



Index dated 1/18/67

0/66 Best Wishes for Happy New Year.

1/66 Workshop Facilities.

2/66 Notification of car Theft.

3/66 Prices for Special Tools. (added 2/15/11)

4/66 Holding plate P 225 for Stenbock Jack.

5/66 CASTROL Motor Oil with Tungsten Additive.

6/66 Notification of car Theft.

7/66 Notification of car Theft.

8/66 Holding Plate P 225 for Steinbock Jack.

9/66 Brake Disc and Flywheel Processing Machine.

10/66 Workshop Equipment, Lifting Platform.

11/66 Lifting Platform on Swinging Arm.

12/66 Submission of Warranty Claims to the End of the Year 1966.

13/66 Notification of car Theft.

14/66 Notification of car Theft.

15/66 Notification of car Theft.

"F" Index dated 1/18/67

F1/66 Repair Instructions for the Golde Sliding Roof, Model 56

F2/66 Repair Instructions for the Webasto heating and ventilation system P 1018.

F3/66 "Lobro" Universal Shaft fitted to vehicle Type 911.

F4/66 Adjustable Front Axle.

F5/66 Adjustment of Clutch Play.

F6/66 Installation of the "Lobro" Universal Shaft.

F7/66 New Engine and Transmission Mount on Vehicle Type 912.

F8/66 Brake Discs rear.

F9/66 Installing Radio in Type 911 S.

F10/66 Tire Pressure on New Vehicles.

F11/66 Introduction of Vehicle Type 911 S, 1967 Model Line.

F12/66 Brake Lines.

F13/66 Heater Control Cable Return Springs.

F14/66 Replacement Instructions for the complete Body Front Part.

F15/66 Noisy Shock absorber Struts.

F16/66 Servicing Electrical System.

F17/66 Draft Air under the Instrument Panel.

F18/66 Vehicle Winterising.

F19/66 Subsequent Installation of Rear Window Wiper.

F20/66 Brake Fluid and Brake Pads.

"H" Index dated 1/18/67

H1/66 Radial Oil Seals for Drive Shaft Universal Joint Flanges.

"M" Index dated 1/18/67

M1/66 Breaker Arm.

M1a/66 Breaker Arm.

M2/66 Oil cooler with m-6 mounting bolts.

M3/66 Distributor and Ignition Timing on Engine Type 2000.

M4/66 Carburetor Settings and Jet Carrier Gasket on Engine Type 2000.

M5/66 Valve springs.

M6/66 Pressure Sending Unit.

M7/66 "Weber" Carburetor for Engine Type 2000.

M8/66 Engine Type 2000 Exhaust Muffler.

M9/66 Oil control rings.

M10/66 Protecting Cap on the Spark Plug Connector.

M11/66 Water Protection Cap on the Oil-Pressure Switch.

M12/66 CURIL K Sealing Compound.

M13/66 Engine Types 2000 and 2000 S Air Cleaner.

M14/66 Heat Enchangers for Engine types 2000 and 2000 S.

M15/66 Carburetor of Engine Type 2000 S.

M16/66 Camshafts and Heat Enchangers for Engine Type 2000.

M17/66 Modifications in Type 40 IDS 3 C 1 and 40 IDS 3 C "Weber" Carburetors.

M18/66 Carburetor Corrosion Protection during Vehicle Shipment.


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