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The following are magazine advertisements for suppliers of parts to the Porsche factory from the 356 period 1950 to 1965. Many of the ads have drawings or photos of 356 Porsches. It is interesting to see where the parts of our 356 Porsches come from. You'll see ads from suppliers of:  brakes, tires, batteries, mufflers, radios, car bodies, pistons, carburetors, oil filters, shocks, spark plugs, sunroofs, driving lights, transmissions, bumpers, steering wheels, and more.

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Ate made more than brakes..........!


Above right.....did Porsche ship 356's to the USA by Holland-America lines?


Above right.......interesting use of the Porsche logo is this ad!

For your Porsche............a Blaupunkt radio........the best!


Above left, one of three 356 body makers:  Reutter, Karmann, and Drauz.


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An electric antenna was a factory accessory on some 356's!

Vollsynchronisierte 4 Gang-Getriebe? Oh yes!


Above left, Rudge knock off wheels, and body mounted driving lights!



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Take a close look at the above picture. That Convertible D has TWIN REAR GRILLS!
So.........What's up?

Look carefully at the above two pictures in the Drauz ads, one is a Convertible D, the other a Roadster!


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Both ads above depict the "removable" Hardtop!



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Original Marchal driving lights are going for big bucks these days on Ebay!


OK, you experts, Type 519, 644, or 741?


Stossdampfer.....remember, that means shock absorber!


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Check out those prices! That was a lot of money back in the 50's and 60's!


The item above-left is a radio antenna within a rear view mirror!

Nice shot of the optional horn button with chrome ring!



So what do Resistol hats have to do with Porsches?

More Ate!




An interesting Porsche magazine ad.


Showroom of Competition Motors, Los Angles, California mid-1950's.



The above is a historical perspective of magazine advertising by Porsche suppliers!

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