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Ersatzteillist = Spare Parts List!




The purpose of this website is to tell you and show you everything about 356 Porsche factory parts books for the years 1950 to 1965. Parts books were published by Porsche for use at dealer's parts counters for ordering parts. Because of this, they can be hard to find. Each parts book contains exploded-view part diagrams, which show all of the parts in an exploded-view format, and separate pages which have the factory part numbers and written descriptions. Most part descriptions are shown in three languages:  German, French, and English. Because of this, parts books tend to be fairly hefty books! Below are sample images of an exploded-view part diagram, and a page showing part numbers and descriptions.


Exploded-View Part Diagram

Page showing part numbers and part descriptions, in 3 languages!

Notice that each part is described in three languages:  English, French & German!  Makes for a pretty thick book! Here are some additional Exploded-View Part Diagrams! A complete set covers every part in the car. See below to purchase either a complete parts book, or a set of Exploded-View Part Diagrams!



Parts Book Organization and Layout.

356 Porsche parts books are divided into following sections, although the exact wording in the actual parts books may differ slightly:



  Group 1  


Group 2


Group 3


Group 4

Fuel Tank, Instruments, Wheels, Tools  

Group 5

Body Shell

Group 6

Bumpers, Hoods, Doors

Group 7

Seats, Trim Materials, Glass

Group 8

Soft and Hard Tops

Group 9

Electrical Equipment

  Group 10  

Page Reference for Part Numbers

Every part in the car is shown and described, down to the last nut, bolt and screw, with both a written description and a part number. Of particular importance are the specifications for nuts, bolts and other fasteners. For example, in the engine, case bolt #900.074.042.02 is further technically described as:  M 6x60 DIN 93108G verz. Bolt hex head, which describes the bolt's size, quality, thread type, and strength. When replacing hardware during a rebuild, it is important to use the proper size and quality/strength of fasteners.



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Porsche Parts Books 1950 to 1965.

The following parts books were published by Porsche during the 356 production run 1950-1965:

356 (Pre-A) Parts Book, 1953.

161 pages (Internally spiral bound, with maroon hard covers). Covers:  all 356's 1950 to 1953, "Sedans and Cabriolets". This 53 parts book is very scarce & hard to find. A nice example of this parts book recently sold on Ebay at auction for over $800.00!


This is a well used original factory 53 Parts Book!  Notice the spiral bind!



Type 369 1100 cc
Type 506 1300 cc
Type 527 1500 cc
Type 546 1500 cc
Type 528 1500 cc Super  

356 (Pre-A) Parts Book, 1955.

370+ pages (2-pin binder) with maroon and black cover "Ersatzteil Katalog", dated January 1955, Covers "Coupes and Convertibles". Later version, 370+ pages, 3-pin maroon plastic covered binder, "Ersatzteil Katalog II", also dated January 1955, enlarged for the addition of special parts section for the Speedster, not included in the first version.


First  Factory Version.

Later Factory Version.



Type 506/2 (1300 cc) starting with serial # P-22001  
Type 589/2 (1300 cc Super)   starting with serial # P-50101
Type 546/2 (1500 cc) starting with serial # P-33901
Type 528/2 (1500 cc Super) starting with serial # P-41001

356-A Parts Book, 1956.

550+ pages, 3-pin binder with "PORSCHE" in white letters across the bottom half of the cover, "ERSATZTEIL - KATALOG" vertically on the right side of the maroon cover (Example A), dated May 1957. Spine of the parts books says "ERSATZTEIL-KATALOG III". Covers Coupes, Convertibles and Speedsters. This manual also includes a special section for the 1500 GS Carrera Engine totaling a little over 115 pages, which has the part diagrams and descriptions for all the parts in the 4-cam engine. The 356-A parts book also has exploded-view diagrams marked "Speedster" showing only the special parts for the Speedster.


  Example A - Early 356-A Factory Manual. 

Example B - Later 356-A Factory Manual.

Example C- 356-A Stoddard Reprint.   

  Inside First Page 356-A.


Big Book!



Type 1300 starting with serial # P-022001  
Type 1300-S starting with serial # P-50101
Type 1600 starting with serial # P-60001
Type 1600-S starting with serial # P-80001
Type 1500-GS Carrera   starting with serial # P-90501

Stoddard Imported Cars, a well known Porsche dealer, and one of the largest sources of original and repro 356 Porsche parts reproduced/reprinted many of the original factory parts books, including the 356-A parts book (Example C above). In most cases, the reprinted parts books look very similar to the originals, and may have been printed by the OEM supplier in Germany. The Stoddard reprints have the below logo inside the second page of the parts book. Notice the difference above between the original parts book and the Stoddard reprint.


The Stoddard logo on the inside 2nd page. 

An original 356-A parts book is fairly hard to find. Most of what you see available for sale are the Stoddard reprints. There are some significant differences. The original 356-A factory parts book was first published, as mentioned earlier, in May of 1957. Unknown to many, Porsche published a supplement to the original 356-A parts book dated March 1958. The supplement pages, designed to be placed into the original manual, had yellow pages compared to the light blue pages in the original manual. Also included were modified exploded-view part diagram pages showing the new parts. A small "a", "b" or "c" etc was added to the original page number for the amended page. Additional supplements were:

1. Supplement dated January 25, 1959 for the Transmission Type 716, 15 pages.
2. Supplement dated February 20, 1959 for 4-cam engines 692/0, 692/1, 692/2, & 692/3, 54 pages.
3. Supplement dated June 1, 1959 for the
Convertible D.

There were a number of additional changes to the original 356-A workshop manual over the years. There are amended exploded-view part diagrams which are not dated for pages:  6a, 7a, 7b, 8a, 11a, 12a, 20a, 20b, 29a, 31a, 38a, 55a, 57a, 62a, 65a, 65b, 68a, 68b, 68c.

In addition, there are a fair number of updated part description pages dated 9/59, 1/60, 8/60, 2/61, 6/61, 11/61, and 12/61. These updates are usually indicated in the lower right hand corner of the page.

NEW! 356-A Convertible D Parts list, 1959.

This is a supplement to the 356-A Parts Book for the changes associated with the Convertible D. The changes included the following:  (1) Changes to the engine and clutch, (2) the introduction of the Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetor, (3) the ZF steering gear, (4) the Type 716 synchromesh gearbox, (5) The reinforced USA bumpers, and (6) certain body changes for the Convertible D.


Soft cover Convertible D Parts List.

356-B T-5 Parts Book, 1960.

The 356-B T-5 Parts Book was preceded by a now-rare soft cover Temporary Spare Parts List dated September 1959. This is a listing of part numbers with descriptions, but no exploded-view part diagrams, for those parts that were new for the 356-B T-5.


Soft Cover Manual.

First Inside Page.

1000+ pages (2-pin binder with "PORSCHE, ERSATZTEIL - KATALOG 356B, CATALOGUE OF SPARE PARTS" on the maroon cover (Example A), dated January 1960. Spine of the parts books says "ERSATZTEIL-KATALOG 356-B".  A later factory version has a silver "machined-metal" cover (Example B), with red, white and blue lettering and backgrounds. Both of these books cover Coupes, Cabriolets/Hardtops, Roadsters and Hardtop 61's.                                                        


Example A - Early Original Manual. 

Example B - Later Factory Manual.

Inside First Page.

2.75 x 4 inch stocker, inside front cover.

Serial numbers of Engines and chassis covered:


Engine Type 1600 starting with Serial #P-600 001  
Engine Type 1600-S   starting with Serial #P-84 772
Engine Type S-90 starting with Serial #P-800 101
Coupe starting with Serial #108 918
Cabriolet/Hardtop starting with Serial #152 476
Roadster starting with Serial #86 831
Hardtop 61 starting with Serial #200 001

In the 356-B parts book, there are also a fair number of updated part description pages dated 3/60, 8/60, 1/61, 2/61, IV 4/61, 6/61, V 6/61, VI 11/61, VII 1/61, and VII 3/62. These updates are indicated in the lower right hand corner of the page.

NEW! 356-B Carrera Engine Parts Book, dated March 1961.

The Carrera Spare Parts List for the 692/3 and 692/3A 4 cam motors is a supplement to the basic 356-B T-5 parts book, and covers only the Carrera engines, and the special parts related to the engines. Included are exploded-view part diagrams, and separate pages with factory part numbers and descriptions, in German, French, and English. The rest of the car is covered in the regular parts book.




692/3 Carrera 4-cam 1600 cc   starting with serial #P-95 001   Weber Carbs   Plain bearing crank  
692/3A Carrera 4-cam   1600 cc starting with serial #P-96 001 Solex Carbs Plain bearing crank

356-B T-6 Supplements to 356-B T-5 Parts Book, 1961.

This parts book, totaling 400+ pages, is the first of the supplements to the basic 356-B T-5 parts book. Only the T-6 parts changes are included in the exploded-view part diagrams, and described in the remaining pages of the book. The layout of the book is basically the same, except that the part diagrams are numbered with the T-5 number plus a capital A, B, C....etc. For example, page 1/5 in the T-5 parts book becomes page 1/5A in the T-6 supplements and shows only the new parts. For a 356-B T-6, you need both the T-5 parts book and the T-6 supplements for a complete reference. I have not seen any other cover for this set of supplements than the one shown below. This parts book was also extensively reproduced by Stoddard. Look for their logo on the second page inside. For unknown reasons, original factory versions of this parts book are difficult to find. Most often, what comes up for sale is a Stoddard version.



What is shown below are two versions of the inside first page. The one on the left is believed to be the original factory version, and the one on the right is believed to be a later factory reprint (notice the "VW-Porsche" below center). A third version would be the Stoddard reprint.


Original Factory Version.

Later Factory Reprint.

Serial numbers of engines , chassis and transmissions covered:

Engine Type 1600 starting with Serial #P-600 801  
Engine Type 1600-S starting with Serial #P-700 001
Engine Type S-90 starting with Serial #P-800 101
Transmission Type 741 A   Serial #'s 50 001 to 70 000
Coupe starting with Serial #116 601
Cabriolet/Hardtop starting with Serial #155 601
Roadster starting with Serial #89 601
Hardtop 61 starting with Serial #201 601

As with the previous parts books, the T-6 supplements have quite a few updated pages, dated I 11/61, IV II 3/62, III 8/63, 12/62, 12/62, V 3/63, VI 9/63, 3/64, VII 3/64, VIII 9/64, and IX 4/65.

356-C Supplements to 356-B T-5 Parts Book, 1963.

This is the second set of supplements to the 356-B T-5 parts book, this time for the 356-C's which started production in late 1963. The original factory version is dated August 1963, but the later version of this parts book is not dated. The preface does indicate the serial numbers of the motors, chassis, and transmissions covered. Book totals a little over 350 pages, and is organized in the same way as previous editions. This "C" supplement was also reprinted by Stoddard.



Inside first page.

Again, there are two versions:  the original factory version and a later factory reprint, as shown above with the two different inside first pages.

Serial numbers of engines, chassis and transmissions covered:


Engine Type 1600 C   starting with Serial #P-710 001 (abroad)  
Engine Type 1600 C starting with Serial #P-730 001 (Germany & Sweden)  
Engine Type 1600 SC   starting with Serial #P-810 001 (abroad)
Engine Type 1600 SC starting with Serial #P-820 001 (Germany & Sweden)
Transmission starting Serial #70 001
Coupe, Reutter starting with Serial #126 001
Coupe, Karman starting with Serial #215 001
Cabriolet/Hardtop starting with Serial #159 001

  The 356-C supplements also contain many updated pages, dated I 1/64, II 4/64, III 7/64, & IV 4/65.

Soft Cover Versions:

There are soft cover versions of most of the parts books, like the one shown below. These are factory reprints, but it is not known exactly when these soft cover versions were first printed as the reprints are not dated. They contain essentially the same information has the hard cover versions.



Where can I find an original factory parts book?

As mentioned perviously, factory parts books were originally produced and distributed to the dealership parts counters for ordering parts. They were not intended for car buyers or enthusiasts. However, when interest in restoring 356's started growing, demand for the technical manuals and parts books also grew. Today, most 356 owners and enthusiasts have either a factory workshop manual or a parts book. A lot of what is out there today are copies of originals, either from Stoddard or from other sources. Original parts books continue to be difficult to find.

The best source today for finding a parts book is the Ebay auction site. Other sources would include fellow enthusiasts and swapmeets. The biggest swapmeet in the country is the Porsche Literature swapmeet held in Los Angeles every year in late January-early February. One is sure to find something of interest at this gathering.

What about the reprints?

There are roughly four source categories for 356 Porsche factory parts books.

1.  The original factory parts book:   These are usually the hardest to find as great numbers were not published. Use the above descriptions to determine whether a parts books is an original or a reprint.

2.  The factory reprints:   The factory continued to publish 356 Porsche parts books well into the 1970's, and may still be reprinting some of them.

 The Stoddard reprints:    There are quite a few Stoddard reprints in circulation. They are quality reprints and were probably printed by the original factory supplier. They contain essentially the same information as the factory originals. If you need information, these reprints are excellent.

4.   "CD" Versions:    The newest version of the factory parts books are those produced on CD's. Porsche started producing complete parts books on CD's for their current model cars. Some of these CD's include the 356 Parts Books. In addition, various individuals have scanned complete 356 parts books onto CD's and offered them for sale. There are advantages and disadvantages to CD's. The main disadvantage is you can't take the CD out to the shop with you. Instead, you first have to fire up the computer and print out the pages you want. Some of the CD formats that I have seen are different than the original parts books, and they print out much smaller on 8.5 x 11 paper. Also, some of the CD versions are not complete.


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1957 Porsche Carrera Sales Brochure.


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