What's WRONG with this Picture?



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This question was posted to the 356 Registry Email List on March 31, 2005. Below are some of the answers that were received. Happy April 1st, 2005, April Fools Day!


If I send the message 11 times, does that count? :) The photo is of a RHD car which has been flipped 180 Horizontally to make it look like a LHD car, but the needles and instruments are all backward and the gas pedal is a dead giveaway!


Wow! The pedals are reveresed! Even the WSW pump is on the far right vs the far left. That is very strange!


Charlie, the floor pedals are reversed! The accelerator is on the left side. How weird. Also no door jamb plaques.


Charlie: As I see it here are a few things wrong with the picture. 1. pictured car lacking vin# and paint code plaque on inside of front door jam! 2. If car is truly a "C", it has T5 pull/closure handles on the door panels, should be arm rest with grab opening. How'd I do?


It is a RHD car with the picture reversed. Evidence: Pedals reversed No id tags on hinge cover


Reversed crest on steering wheel




Charlie, this is a good one, it appears that a right had drive car was superimposed. other than the pedal cluster, the tack looks to be a mirror image, the fuel lever is on the left and I still can't figure the fog light switch next to the key.


The guy has a heavy LEFT foot!


It seem that the heater knob between the seats is incorrect, missing coach and color plates from door jamb, reversed pedal position but still a beautiful interior.


I am assuming that this is a rhd car with the negative flipped around,


Set up for driver with missing right foot/leg,probably with automatic tranny.


The brake, clutch and accelerator pedals are wrong!!


How could you drive the car like that? I guess the guy is left footed :) Ialso noticed the identification plates are missing in the door jam.


This is a NZ car, but I can't for the life of me remember whose.


Is fog switch in wrong place?


My first reaction was thinking that someone had digitally retouched a photo of a 356 interior (it wouldn't be hard to do). I never thought that a 356 might really exist with a pedal cluster like that, and the washer bulb in the center! I figured Charlie was pulling an April Fool's joke on the list


Charlie, the placement of the accelerator pedal, lack of vin/paint plate on L side jamb, position of the tach (needle is off unless photo taken when engine running).


This must have been custom built for a "Left Footed" driver! Unless right handed gas pedals was a rare option it looks wrong to me.


Not a left-hand drive with the gas pedal on the left, because the colors in the Porsche logo on the steering wheel are reversed. You've got an interesting niche when it comes to Porsche stuff!


RHD car, and photo flipped.


Did you get Photoshop? The gas pedal and the washer bulb are switched.


Very interesting accelerator pedal placement, makes you wonder how the other pedals operate. No doubt the mental se-naps(Sp) required to work the pedals are doing wonders for the rest of this drivers imagination.


The speedometer and tachometer read right to left (backwards)! There you go, Bob


The gas peddle is set up for the left foot? April Fool... right?



This is a photo of the interior of a RHD (Right Hand Drive) Porsche 356 which has been digitally "flipped" horizontally. Makes for an interesting picture! There were a number of "right on" correct responses. In fact, the first response was the correct answer, but sorry, not the winning answer. He's the one who inquired if he answered 11 times, would he win? Thanks to all for participating. It was lots of fun, after a turbulent week on the List!



Charlie White
April 1, 2005


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