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Switch to 356-BT-6!

Front Cover.

Inside Cover Page.

Inside Back Cover Page.

Images provided by Lorenzo from Italy!

"Switch to 356-B T-6" is the Italian version of the early 356-B T-6 folder that graphically shows the differences between the 356-B T-5 and T-6 Porsches. The back cover clearly shows differences between the two models, the squared off front hood up front, and the twin grills on the rear deck lid. Inside this 4-page folder is a description of additional changes in the 356-B T-6, including larger windshield, larger rear window, fuel filler cap on passenger front fender, squared off front hood, twin grills on the rear deck, non-glare mirror, and other changes.  This essentially the same as the German version shown on the main website page, except for the price list portion which has been printed on the right side of the above image. (M&M later hardbound edition 308).


La Sensazionale Carrera 2000!

Image provided by Lorenzo from Italy!

La Sensazionale Carrera 2000 is an Italian Single Sheet flyer for the 356-B Carrera 2000! It was published in early 1962 by Volkswagen+Porsche for Autogerma, the Italian dealership in Bologna, Italy. "Ultimo Tipo, Esposta al Solone de Torino", loosely translated, means "Last type, Exhibited at Solon de Turin"!


Speedster Color Chart!

This is a Porsche Factory Color Chart for a 356-A Speedster. It is a simple card printed on one side and the date of publication is believed to be 1955 or 1956. Notice that it shows only three colors:  red, white, and blue, and is in English, French & German!


356C/SC Price List!


This is an interesting 356-C/SC & Carrera 2000 Price List with text written in German, but the prices appear to be in French francs! No printing date is available, but must have been sometime in 1963-1965!


Telefunken Radio Brochure for 356 Pre-A Porsches!


This Telefunken Auto Radio Brochure for 356-A Porsches was printed in 1955. The text is in German, and it mentions the Telefunken Autosuper ID54V auto radio. Check out the picture of a 356 Pre-A Porsch dash with the radio installed.


Reutter Travel Rack Folder!



This Reutter "Luggage Rack" Folder covers Reutter made luggage racks made specifically for 356 Pre-A Porsches and is believed to have been published in 1955. The pictures some shome excellent detail for the ski straps used with the luggage rack. Some of the same pictures have appeared in various contempory issues of Porsche's Christophorus Magazine.


356 B & C Tourist Delivery Folders!


Two versions of the Tourist Delivery Folder. The version on the right for a 356-C, as evidenced by the picture on the cover. This version is included in the literature website. The version on the right is for a 356-B, and is new to this website.


356 Pre-A Tourist Delivery Folder!


This Tourist Delivery Folder is believed to be from 1955 and features a bright red Speedster on the cover. More details coming for this interesting early tourist delivery folder.


356-A Accessories Catalog September 1957!

This is the Porsche Factory's Accessory Catalog for 356-A Porsches dated September 1957. It includes those regularly offered accessories that anyone could order for the their new Porsche.


A Map of Italy by Porsche & Volkswagen!

Here we have a nice TravelMap of Italy,
produced anddistributed  by Porsche
and Volkswagen for their Euro delivery
customers. It is in English and was
distributed by Porsche and Volkswagen
dealers and is dated August 1957!



356 Pre-A Tech Sheet from late 1950 or early 1951!

This is a single sheet of Technical Data estimated to be from late 1950 or early 1951 for the new 356 1100, 1300, and 1500 Porsches!


Dealer Sales Folder from Brumos Porsche for the 356-B T-6!


This little odd shaped multi-page Dealer Folder from Brumos Porsche for the 356-B T-6 and is estimated to be from 1962 or 1963.


More to come................!!


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