"What's Wrong with This Picture........?

Part 2!


103. A Stued Porsche!

A 356 Porsche Engine in a 1960 Studabaker Lark?

104. Early Porsche 16" Wheel? What's Wrong?

105. A Coupster...........Ugh!

Hard to say anything!

106. Lightened 356 Porsche Flywheel - the "Exploder"!

This lightened 356 Porsche Flywheel won't last long!

107. Either these guys are Really Tall, or this 356 is Really Small!

Early Cabriolet as shown at the Miniature 356 Show!

108. Bosch 383 Distributor!

Can you handle this?

109. A True "Barn Find"!

356 B T-6 or C Coupe!

110. Opening this package renders this product NOT RETURNABLE? Really!

If you open it to inspect it, you can't return it! Is that right?

111. What's Wrong with this Picture?

This manufacturer made what for 356 Porsches?

112. Borat's Early 356-A Coupe!

An early photo of Borat with his prized Porsche 356-A Coupe!

113. Original Porsche 356 Accessory Luggage!

Wow! $6,500.00 would have bought a new 356 Porsche back then!

114. What's Wrong with this Picture?

Forget the green glove, what's Wrong with this Picture?

115. Franken Porsche!

What do you think Dr. Franken is doing to this 356?

116. Red Cab on the side of a building!

Interesting wallhanging! Looks like a 356-C Cabriolet!

117. Mick had a few too many brews when he put this thing together!

A 356-B engine colorfully decorated! Put this in the car that follows!

118. & 119. Tribute to "The Maestro"!

Harry Pellow "The Maestro" in action at a local swap meet, some where, some time!

The guy in the red shirt above, is he from the Phoenix area? 

120. File Copy!

American Medical Association?

121. & 122. A Porsche 356-Color!

Anybody see anybody they know?

123. Barn Find!

124. A 1956 Reutter Coupe!

..............and this Coupe came with no color number!!

125. "Making the Grade" it Real or is it Plastic?

356 Speedster, real or plastic?

126. Hardcore Speedster!

Hardcore Speedster...........driving in the rain!

127. Who is this guy?

With the mirror set that low, can the guy actually see behind him?

128. Hope.........the Essence of a Restoration!

129. Taking a bath!

Dipping a B T-6 or C Coupe!

130. What's Wrong with this Picture?

What's different on this 356-C Coupe? Know what it is? Scroll down for an answer!

131. This is what happens when a 356'er turns 66!

George's Retirement........! or maybe he just saw the cost to restore!

132. Abbie's Daddy's 356 Coupe!

Start'um young!

133. Seeing Double!

Two carbs, right! Two coils? Two Distributors? Twin plug heads?

134. Stop what? What is that thing in the middle of the dash?

135. Lemon Shroud!

136. Drifting!

"Eingeschriebene Wette" is German for "Drifting Event"!

137. Oldtimer "356 C Cabriolet" for lease!

Lease a cool ride in Essen, Germany!

138. Small sign found on 356 Porsche at a car show!

Nicht fur gerfingerpoken und mittengrabben!

139. I don't think so!

Starting bid..........$750.00US for a B/C factory workshop manual, I don't think so!

140. Your own "356 Lunchbooth"!

356 Pre-A? 356-A or the remains of a Plastic Speedster?

141. You've heard those stories about the
"Mouse" in the House!

This evidence from a "barn find" of a mouse under the floor boards!


142. Long time ago!

A 55 Coupe for $675.00? A Speedster on the left?

143. Roy Smalley's custom 356 Porsche master brake cylinder!

Roy said it was working just fine when he took it out!

144. Need an Antique Pencil Sharpener?

Adam Wright's parts hoard at Unobtainium, Inc.

145. John Prine, Country Singer/Songwriter!

Looking at this picture, what model Porsche is this?

146. 356 Porsche Superhero!

What's this?

147. Wat's 'E doing?

What's this guy doing? Adjusting his brakes at night by flashlight?

148. Remember the Pink Pig?

The Pink Pig!

149. Matching Numbers............What is it?

1965 356-C Cabriolet!

150. Fair Trade?

An Early Pre-A Coup? For three women?

151. A "Vintage Speedster" with patina!

152. A "U-Store-it" A Coupe!

The 356-A Coupe project he never got around to!

153. Who is this guy?

154. The "Bat Coupe"!

Batman and the "BatCoupe" from Gothem City!

155. Batman's Drag Coupe!

How about 12.96 and 127?

156. Der Neue Osterreichische VOLKSWAGEN?

Little guy, big car!

157 to 159. What Year/Model 356 Porsches are these?

160. The Infamous "Mirror car"!

Complete exterior of the car was covered with fragments of mirror!

161. I don't think so......!

4 Seater?  Maybe for two little kids! Check out that rear leg room!


162. Really Slammed!

This Speedster is so low you could pick watermelons while driving it! It must be a Replica!

163. What do you suppose the "Ivory knob" is for?

Serious motor in there!

164. Traffic Ticket Time!

Unlimited speed on the autobahn doesn't apply to trucks!

165 to 168. Rusty Tubs!

169. Distler Porsche!

Believe it or not, the kid is only 7 years old!

170. Name the City and the Movie!

What's going on here? What car are we riding in? B or C Coup on the right?

171. Mega Stereo!

Check out those stereo speaker connections!!

 172. Pen Set for $750.00 on Ebay!

I don't think so! Model is a recent Brumm!

173. What prompted this Reutter badge?

174. Porsche Brews!

And featuring DerWhite's "Speedster" wine!

175. Wheel Art!

356 Pre-A Wheel!

176. A visual lesson in Compression!

The higher the dome on the pistion, the higher the compression, all other things equal!

177. to 179. Rocket Man's Ride!

What do you suppose this car was originally?

180. Roadster Car Wash!

Roadster Car Wash!

181. High and Dry!

Custom dry storage. Just jack up one end of the car and rebolt!

182. Speaking of Tall Guys!

Somebody thought this guy was 8 feet tall!  356-A T-2 Carrera GT Cabriolet!

183. At the Beginning!

184. Noooooo Wonder!......a Zunder Porsche 1500?

This is the ugliest Porsche related vehicle ever, except for a Porsche tractor!

185. to 187. Who are these people?

Real or Plastic?

188. Outlaw Alternator on a 356 Porsche!

189. One Instant later!

One instant later! Can you tell year and model of 356 Porsche?

190. Torsion Bar Heaven!

Jim Breazeale's Torsion Bar Collection at EASY!

191. 356 Lemo!

Bet this makes a great Weddingmobile!

192. 356 Cab Lemo!

193. It's worth's a Bud!

How many 356 Porsches do you see?

194. A 4-Cam Carrera Moto?

A BMW Motorcycle with a Porsche Carrera 4-Cam motor!!

195. Early 356 Pre-A Owner's Manual.......with Patina!

Notice that the logo is "pre" the familar Porsche font!

196. Early 356-A Owner's Manual.......with Patina!

197. Porsche Chassis Number Plate:  356-001!

198. What's Wrong with this Picture?

Is this what I think it is?

199. What is this?

200. the end!

I can't look at a 356 Porsche in this condition. How did it happen?

201. Cuba Car #1....a Carrera...No, Really!

The Mercado in Havana, Cuba!

202. Reflections on a 356 Hubcap!

203. & 204. AAAwsum II & III...........!!!

Nothing more needs to be said!

205. Where's the Engine? 

What is this?

206. Flashing Gang Signs?

What a crew!

207. to 208. What's Wrong with this Picture?

209. In the fast lane......of course!

Find the 356-A Coupe!  And what year is this?

210. Cool Customer!

211. & 212. Adam's Dream!

Adam at Unobtainium, Inc. would die for a find like one of these!

213. People who read VW/PORSCHE Enjoy the Best Things in Life!

214. "Neu" What?

1600 dual carburated 4 cylinder 180 hp powered!

215. Another Proposed Trade!

Euro 356 Cabriolet? And two asses!

216. Your Early Tube-Type Blaupunkt Radio!

Blaupunkt Radio Jungle!

217. & 218. This don't look right!

219. Where are the "Carrera" emblems?

There go the tailpipes and the bumper guards!!

220. Some fun with a Red 356-C Coupe!

It's amazing what Tim Herman can do in his shop!

221, 222 & 223. "Cuban Car 2"!

Check out the wire wheels, the bumpers, and the rear wing!

Custom bumpers, turn signal lights and check out that licence plate!

Check out the Speedometer and the Steering Wheel!

224. "Polaroid" Windshield......$17.95?

"Tinted" Windshield?

225. "Shit" Happens!

Bet there's no paint left under that mess!

226. What's Wrong with this Picture?

Said it's a 356 Porsche Steering Part, available on Ebay...VW?


#130.  It is an Envemo Super-90 Coupe (Replica) made in Brazil!
#145. Looks like an "A" steering wheel!

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