DerWhite's 356 Wrecks & Barn Finds! Part 2!

 It is truely amazing, that cars we love so much can come to this!

We all talk about beautiful 356 Porsches, restored to the finest detail, sparkling and shiney with rechromed parts and new paint. We all go to the shows called Concours to see these masterpieces of obsession, and dream of the time when our 356 will  be as beautiful. We go to great extremes to find  those perfect parts to rechrome, replate, and repaint to perfection. Here are some that 356 Porsches that weren't treated so well! Maybe some of them will have a chance, but that would require a miracle of effort and single-mindedness!


The "Van Helsing" Porsche!


This Cabriolet had been stored for 40 years!  

Speedster in the mist!


Does this qualify as a barn? It's definitely a 356 T-6 Coupe!

356-A Coupe.......for a little green!

Two views of the same sorry 356-B T-6 Coupe!

At least it's got fog lights!  356 T-6 Coupe or maybe a 356-C?

356-B T-5 Coupe, RUST BUCKET!

 356-B T-6 Cabriolet in the mountains!

 How does a 356-B T-6 Coupe end up looking like this? What did it go thru?

356 Pre-A Coupe!

356-A  Coupe!

Looks like a 356-B T-5 with a 911 steering wheel?

356-B T-5 Coupe!

 356-C Coupe!

 A little artistic inversion! 356-A Cabriolet.


You've all seen this one...C Coupe? in the Lake!

Topless 356-A Cabriolet! 

And he walked away...............!! 356-A Coupe?

Not much left here! 356-A or Pre-A? 

356-A Cabriolet!

 356-B T-5 Coupe with that special order color, Orange!

1956 356-A Coupe! What's left of it!

Hey Bill Block, here are two VIN number for you! Above, a 1960 356-B T-5 Coupe! Check it out!

356-B T-5 Owner's Manual for Coupes, Cabriolets and Roadsters! 

356 Porsche Toolkit!

356 Porsche Literature!

356 Porsche Engine!

356 Porsche Chassis Number!

Rudy Klein's Abarth Coupe!

Heinz 57 356 Porsche Race Car!

Wow.........!!! What would you do if you stumbled into this find?

#4 904!  Rudy Klein's 904!

I don't think that old bedspread is doing much good! T-5 B Cabriolet!

356-A Coupe? Or...............?

I'll take the wheels! 356-A Coupe?

This is a "Small Barn" find!

Still has a radio!

Is that one of those rare key fobs?

Check out those tires!!!

Front nose piece rivited and taped.............ready for paint! A redneck resto!

Notice:  This is a Carrera 2! And the Engine is GONE already!

This 356 has been there a while!

Now, here's a COMPARISON! An Adam Wright find!

Accessory Ashtray, Radio, Electric Clock, and Locking Glove Box...............!

Air Cleaner!

Adam Wright's Brother of Unobtainium, Inc. surveying his inventory!

"WE BUY PORSCHE!" An Adam Wright find!

An "Old Race Car" and an "Old Stove"!

An old "B" Roadster? An Adam Wright find!

Modern Art!

Pre-A Cabriolet!

356-B T-5 Toolkit!

356-C Toolkit!


Rest in peace! An Adam Wright find!

There's not much to say about this one!  


"In the Midnight Hour!"

Offered at $110,000.00!! Going...Going...Gone!

Little Red Speedster?


Rust City, Texas!


Can you read the Serial Number?

356 Pre-A "Restoration Kit!" Everything you will need!

"Slammed".........!!! Love this picture!!!

A "Family Gathering!" In good company!

Carreras aren't immune from becoming WRECKS!

"Parts" is "Parts"!

 Made in Western Germany!

Adam Wright's Gallery!

Special thanks to Adam Wright of Unobtanium, Inc. for the above pics! He has seen it all!
The Wrecks pictured in this gallery were taken at
Gary Kemption's place in Florida!

Speedster? Roadster? What?

Sunauto, a Paris Porsche Dealership!

Adam Wright's "Wonderland"!

OK.........What's this?


One of the funniest "Wreck" pictures I have ever seen!

 Special thanks to Adam Wright of Unobtanium, Inc. for many of the pictures shown in this
website. Adam has seen it all! And to top it off, he's a great photographer!
Thanks Adam!!!

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