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It is truely amazing, that cars we love so much can come to this!

We all talk about beautiful 356 Porsches, restored to the finest detail, sparkling and shiney with rechromed parts and new paint. We all go to shows called Concours to see these masterpieces of obsession, and dream of the time when our 356 will be as beautiful. We all go to great extremes to find perfect parts to rechrome, replate, and repaint to perfection. Here are some that 356 Porsches that weren't treated so well! Maybe some of them will have a chance!

356 B T-5 in a Sea of Junk! A picker's paradise!

This appears to be a 356-A Coupe!


How about 356-A Cabriolet with a removable hardtop & Lincoln's log cabin?

Loading up for a low budget vacation in a Speedster!

Not much left of this Speedster!!! Someone record that chassis number!

356-A Cabriolet (still has mirror rod!)

356 B T-6 Hardtop!

356-A Convertible D? (nice wood jack point!)?

Probably a 356-B Roadster? Twin Grill? Rare Bench Seat in the background!

356-A Cabriolet with chrome wheels!

Gas Tank!

356-B T-6 Cabriolet, "Medusa"!

A 356 Cabriolet......of some vintage.....356-A?

356-B T-5 Coupe "Trailer Queen"!

356-B T-6 Coupe "Burned"!

Not much left on the bottom of this 356-B T-5 Cabriolet!

Sooooooooo......What's this? Chopped, Channeled, Relocated 356-A Coupe?

356  C A T A S T R O P H E ! 

356-B T-5 Coupe "True Barn Find"!

356-B T-6 Coupe "Another True Barn Find"!

Two 356-A Coupes! Rust in Peace!

"Rusty's 356-B Coupe" the most talked about project in 356 Registry Forum History!

"Rusty's Project" is a running car, paint, finish and more pictures to come!

356-B T-5 Cabriolet "Soft Top"!


Adam at UnObtainium, Inc. contemplating his latest acquisition!

356-A Cabrolet? That's SERIOUS rust!

356-A Cabriolet with "Bar" Doors!

"Modern Art" 356 B T-6 Coupe!

Not sure those wheels are Porsche wheels for this 356-A? Pre-A? Cabriolet?

California Black Plate 356 Porsche B or C?

Wouldn't you like to have found this barn! Speedster!

356-A Coupe "Rooted in Place"!

356-A Covertible D!  With "Travel Rack"!

356-B T-5 Coupe "Hot Car!"

A 356 B Cabriolet, a REAL tragedy!

356-A Cabriolet "Rusted Out"!

356-B Coupes!

356-A Coupe on skates!

356-B Roadster?

356-B T-5 Coupe with custom "Brush Bar"!

356-A Cabriolet with Removable Hardtop and custom licence plate lights!

356-B T-6 Coupe! That door is really bent back!

Badges of Times Past!

Two different Pre-A Porsches with lots of differences. What are they?

356-A Coupe with "Camouflage Paint Job"!

No Clue what this was!

A 356-A? Pre-A? Something?

Guessing 356 B or C?

 Three 356's..........Well, probably, but what are they and why do you think so?

356-B T-6 Carrera 2???   "Ebay Project"!  

356-B T-6 Coupe "Burned!

356-C Coupe with one 911 alloy wheel!

Adam at Unobtainium, Inc. found another one! An "A" Cabriolet?

Advanced Upgraded Custom 356 B T-6 Coupe!


Good restoration project, 356-C Coupe!

356 Pre-A  Coupe Shell! Says "Save" on the back!

Not a good place to put an electric fuel pump!! Did this 356-B Burn?

356-B T-6 Cabriolet "Trailer Queen II"!

356-A Coupe "Up to its hubcaps......."!

Hauling it away! 356-C Coupe?

Hauling it away! 356-A Coupe!

356-B Whaaaaaaaaaat............?

356-B T-5 Coupe "Ready for Paint! MGA in the BG!

Nevermind the 356-B Cabriolet, what's that in the background?

Don't you wish you were the ONE to find this ONE? Real or Kit?

356 Porsche Race Car/Wrecks, 356-A Coupe above, 356 Pre-A Bent Window below!

356-A "Parts"!

2 Coupes Buried in a "Side Shed"! Pre-A Coupe & B Coupe?

356-B Coupe?

There are actually trees growing up through this 356-A Cabriolet!

With a few friends.........!!!

Above is Adam Wright of Unobtanium, Inc. making his selections!

Picker's Paradise.....B or C Coupe and A Cabriolet?

356-B Coupe "Sideswiped"!

356 Pre-A Coupe, Everything you need, right there!

356-B T-5 Coupe with "Frenched" fog lights!

356-A Coupe "Rolling Shells"!

356-B T-6 Coupe "Fire in the Sky"!

356-A Cabriolet with "Travel Rack II"!

356-B T-6 Sunroof Coupe "Up to it's Grass"!

"The Long Dark Road" 356-A Coupe!

Blue 356 T-6 Coupe "Planter"!

Classic Barn Find:  356-A Cabriolet!

Real early find!

356-A Coupe  "In Your Face"!

Modern Art?

356 (?) Porsche "Engineitis", incurable!

356 (?) Porsche "Serious Rust"!

Dedicated to all those Barn Finders! Go Adam!

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