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 Besides the familiar 356 Porsche factory workshop manuals, parts books, and owner's manuals, Porsche published a variety  of supplements to these manuals, and various other manuals convering specific subjects related to 356 Porsches. Most have  seen the factory workshop manual supplements, and even some of the supplements to the owner's manuals. But many may  not be aware of the variety of other small manuals published by Porsche and its suppliers for 356 Porsches. This website will  present a variety of these manuals and explain their pur



What's Covered!

 1. Workshop Manual Supplements.
 2. Parts Book Supplements.
 3. Owner's Manual Supplements.
 4. 356-A Carrera Engine Owner's Manual Supplements.
 5. 356-B & 356-C Carrera Engine Owner's Manual Supplements.  
 6. Super 90 Engine Owner's Manual Supplements.
 7. Care of Auto Body Supplements.
 8. Service Book Manual Supplements.
 9. Service Location Manual Supplements.
 10. Flat Rate Operation Manuals.
 11. Synchromesh Mechanism Manual.
 12. Radio Operation Manual Supplements & Guaranty Cards.
 13. Misc. Factory & Supplier Booklets.
 14. Advertising Articles Factory Booklet.

1. Workshop Manual Supplements.


Early 356-A WSM Supplements.

356-A Workshop Manual Supplements.

356-B Workshop Manual Supplements.

In August 1958, a set of supplements was published for the 356-A workshop manual. These supplements totaled 130 pages and deal with various changes including:  (1) changes to the engine and clutch, (2) the introduction of the Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetor, (3) the ZF steering gear, (4) the Type 716 synchromesh gearbox, (5) the reinforced USA bumpers, and (6) certain body changes for the Convertible D. Early versions of the 356-A supplements came in a maroon cloth covered binder and some had pages of rough low quality paper compared to the slick high quality pages in the later versions. The binders were all the same size and had screw top pins to hold the pages in place. Later covers had the familiar blue tool graphic.

The 356-B workshop manual supplements contain changes made after the publication of the 356-B workshop manual. The supplements binder is not dated, but includes changes for 356-B T-6's and 356-C's, and totals 216 pages, if complete. The number of pages may very depending upon whether your manual has all the issued supplements included. A review of two sets of 356-B supplement shows differences in number of pages and some supplements included in one set and not in the other. A separate 356-C workshop manual supplements binder was not published. Instead, it appears that supplements were accumulated in the 356-B T-6 supplements binder. Later, the 356-B/C workshop manual was published, which included the entire 356-B manual, together with all of the 356-B T-6 and 356-C supplements.

2. Parts Book Supplements.

The first regular 356 Porsche factory parts book was published in 1953, with another following in 1955. Both of these parts books covered 356 Pre-A's and the changes in these cars during this time period. In 1956 Porsche published the 356-A parts book, and in 1959 the 356-B parts book. Subsequent parts books were supplements to the 356-B parts book. And there were several other parts book supplements printed that will be discussed below.

Porsche published a supplement to the original 356-A parts book dated March 1958. The supplement pages, designed to be placed into the original manual, had yellow pages compared to the light blue pages in the original manual. Also included were modified exploded-view part diagram pages showing the new parts. A small "a", "b" or "c" was added to the original page number for the amended page. Additional supplements were:

1. Supplement dated January 25, 1959 for the Transmission Type 716, 15 pages.
2. Supplement dated February 20, 1959 for 4-cam engines 692/0, 692/1, 692/2, & 692/3, 54 pages.
3. Supplement dated June 1, 1959 for the Convertible D.

There were a number of additional changes to the original 356-A workshop manual over the years. There are amended exploded-view part diagrams which are not dated for pages: 6a, 7a, 7b, 8a, 11a, 12a, 20a, 20b, 29a, 31a, 38a, 55a, 57a, 62a, 65a, 65b, 68a, 68b, 68c. In addition, there are a fair number of updated part description pages dated 9/59, 1/60, 8/60, 2/61, 6/61, 11/61, and 12/61. These updates are usually indicated in the lower right hand corner of the page.



356-A "Convertible D" Parts Book Supplement.

356-A "Convertible D"

One of the earliest 356 Porsche parts book supplements was published for the 356-A Convertible D, which was produced for model year 1959. Essentially the Convertible D was a dressed up Speedster with more of the comforts found in the Cabriolet. Above is the factory supplement to the 356-A Parts Book for the changes associated with the Convertible D. The changes included:  (1) changes to the engine and clutch, (2) the introduction of the Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetor, (3) the ZF steering gear, (4) the Type 716 synchromesh gearbox, (5) reinforced USA bumpers, and (6) certain body changes for the Convertible D. Body changes included a different windshield, roll-up windows, and other comforts.



The 356-B Temporary Spare Parts List is dated September 1959, coincident with the start of production for the 356-B T-5. It is more a listing of new part numbers than a complete parts book, but gives advance notice of new parts in the significantly revised new model 356-B.



Carrera 4-Cam Engine Spare Parts List.

Inside Page - 692/3 & 692/3A 4-Cam Engines.


Exploded-View Part Diagram of Head & Cylinder.

This Carrera motor Spare Parts List covers the 692/3 and 692/3A 4 cam Carrera Motors and is dated March 1961. It is a supplement to the regular 356-B parts book. Both of these engines were 1600 plain bearing engines.


356-B T-6 Parts Book Supplement.  

356-C Parts Book Supplement.

The 356-B T-6 and 356-C factory parts books are in fact supplements to the 356-B T-5 parts book. Without the basic T-5 parts book, you won't have a complete reference as the supplements show only the new parts for the T-6 or C. Parts books and their supplements contain exploded-view part diagrams and pages showing an item's part number and description in English, German, and French.

3. Owner's Manual Supplements.



356-A Convertible D.

356-B Roadster.

Both of the above manuals are supplements to factory owners manuals, and were published by Porsche. On the left is a supplement dealing with the "convertible top" for the 356-A Convertible D, and the one on the right is the same for the later 356-B Roadster "convertible top". These manuals basically are care and maintenance manuals and give directions on how to properly open and close a convertible top with pictures. A similar manual supplement may be available for the various Cabriolet models.


Undated Owners Manual Supplement for 356-B Roadster.

356-B Roadster.

The above undated manual supplement is for the 356-B Roadster top. It has the Porsche logo name on the cover but may have been published by Drauz K. G., a Porsche body supplier. It too is a care and maintenance manual for both the body and the convertible top. Below are instructions published by Porsche for installing a removable hard top onto a cabriolet dated April 1961.


Above is English Version, below German Version.


Instructions for installing Removable Hard Top on Cabriolet, 3/58.


Instructions for installing Removable Hard Top on Cabriolet, 4/61.

Image below shows the steel hardtop but is from a later brochure.

4. 356-A Carrera Engine Owner's Manual Supplements.



1. 356-A Carrera 1500 GS.

2. 356-A Carrera Carbs.

3. 356-A Carrera 1600 GS.


4. 356-A Carrera 1500 GS.

5. 356-A Carrera 1600 GS.

If anyone has a complete 1500 GS manual supplement in German, send me an image of the cover!

Above are the 1500 GS and the 1600 GS Carrera Engine Supplements for the 356-A Porsches in both English (orange) and German (red). These owner's manual supplements came with the standard owner's manuals for cars with the 4-cam Carrera motors. No. 1 is undated but is believed to be from 1957 and mentions Coupes, Convertibles, and Speedsters. This supplement mentions that the Type 356-A/1500 GS (Grand Sport) engine has four overhead camshafts and is identical in design to the Type 1500 RS (Racing Sport) fitted in the Porsche Spyder Type 550. Engine produced 100 HP (DIN) at 6200 rpm.

No. 2 is dated Edition February 1959, 5.59, and mentions the 356-A/1600 GS "de luxe" Coupe, Cabriolet and Hardtop, and the Type 356-A/1600GS "Gran Turismo" Coupe. No mention of the Convertible D. The "de luxe" was rated at 105 HP (DIN) at 6500 rpm, and the "Gran Turismo" was rated at 115 HP DIN at 6500 rpm. No. 3 is undated and covers the same material as No. 1, and No. 4 is the November 1958 Edition, printed 12.58 and covers the same material as No. 2.

It should be noted that No. 1 and No. 2 English versions of these Carrera Engine Supplements have been extensively REPRODUCED, so if you're looking for an original, check them out carefully! One giveaway, an original manual usually has slightly yellowed edges on the inside pages compared to the reproduction, and the repros have black and white pictures inside that are fuzzy and lack contrast.


  This 356-A Carrera 1500 GS owner's
  manual supplement is "coverless"
  with a red cloth binding along the side.
  This example is also undated, but
  appears to cover the same engine as  
  No. 1 shown above.

5. 356-B & 356-C Carrera Engine Owner's Manual Supplements.



356-B Carrera 1600 GS/GT.

1963 356-B Carrera 2000 GS/GT.

356-B Carrera 2 2000 GS.

The two images above right, and the one below left were contributed by Tim Herman.


356-C Carrera 2000 GS - English.

356-C Carrera 2000 GS - German.

The 356-C Carrera 2 owner's manual supplement above has been extensively reproduced!


6. Super 90 Engine Owner's Manual Supplements.


356-B 1600 S-90 (English).

356-B 1600 S-90 (French).

356-B 1600 S-90 (German).

Super-90 Supplements were provided with the standard owner's manual for 356-B's with the 90 HP (DIN) Super-90 engine, which was introduced in early 1960. The English version supplement above is dated Edition April 1960, 5.60. Quoting the English manual supplement:  "the chassis of the vehicle type 356-B/1600 S-90 is identical with those of types 356-B/1600 & 356-B/1600 S, except for the tires." The vehicle type 356-B/1600 S-90 is additionally equipped with a compensating spring mounted to the rear axle suspension.

7. Care of Auto Body Supplements.


356-A Reuter Body Booklet.

The Body Diagrams from the 356-A Reutter Body Booklet.

The above Reutter booklet appears to be the first 356-A Body Maintenance supplement to the owner's manual. It is published by Reutter, but the booklet is undated. In the back of the booklet was included a single sheet of body diagrams. This sheet is dated 4/56 suggesting the booklet dates from 1956, the intro year of the 356-A.


Reutter Body Maintenance Instructions for 356-A's.

The above body maintenance supplement was published by Reutter, a body supplier to Porsche, for the 356-A's. The manual is undated, but is believed to be from 1957 or thereabouts, as it mentions the Speedster. This supplement covers Coupes, Cabriolets, and Speedsters. Another later 356-B version, essentially the same and also undated, mentions the Hardtop and the Roadster. One interesting tip included in this supplement deals with care of rubber parts. It recommends occassionally cleaning exterior rubber parts with Glycerin and talcum powder.


Golde Sun roof manual, dated 4/58.

Ad from early Christophorus magazine.


Picture from an factory Accessory booklet.

Here's a little manual you don't see very often! It is a Golde sun roof manual dated 4/58. It does have some diagrams inside together with addresses of service shops throughout Europe. One of these little manuals may have come with your owner's manual if you ordered the Golde sun roof option from Porsche.

8. Service Book Manual Supplements.


356-A Factory Service Book, undated.

356-B Factory Service Book, 12/59.

356-B Factory Service Book, 5/62.

356-C Factory Service Book, 7/64.

356-C Factory Service Book, 6/66.

Sample Service Book Coupon.

Why would Porsche be printing 356-C Service Books in June 1966?


9. Service Location Manual Supplements.


Dealers & Distributors - USA & Canada, 3/60.

Service Locations Book, March 1963.

Service Locations Book, September 1961.

California had more Porsche dealers than any other state in 1963. Those of you who live in California back in those days may remember some of the following dealers mentioned in the March 1963 Service Locations Book:


Precision Motor Cars
Beverly Hills, CA.

Jack Mcfee Motors
Burbank, CA.

Continental Motors
Inglewood, CA.

Downtown Imports
Los Angles, CA.

Vasek Polak
 Manhatten Beach, CA.  

Chick Iverson
Newport Beach, CA.

 Competition Motor Sales  
Hollywood, CA.

Universal Motors
Los Angles, CA.

Van Wyk's
Santa Barbara, CA

Europa Motor Car Co
 North Hollywood, CA.

Catron Motors
Pomona, CA.

 San Diego Motor Imports  
San Diego, CA.

Above are only a few of the many dealers mentioned!


10. Flat Rate Operation Manuals.


Flat Rate Manual, English, Undated, 356 & 356-A.

Flat Rate Manual, English, Undated, 356-A.

Flat Rate Manual, English, Undated, 356-B

Flat Rate Manual, German, Undated, 356-B.

 Other versions of this manual probably exist.

Flat Rate Manuals may not be owner's manual supplements in the normal sense. They were primarily for pricing the work of dealership mechanics. Whether they were commonly handed out within an owner's manual package is debatable. They do provide some interesting historical cost information for doing various repair procedures. For example, operation procedure #M3 "Disassemble removed engine completely, clean, check, if necessary replace worn parts, assemble (without any further work)" was priced at $24.00. Procedure #KL1 "Remove and install fuel tank" was priced at $.80. Sure wish I could get my engine rebuilt at these prices! Each flat rate manual is divided into the following parts, with individual repair operations:  Engine & Clutch, Fuel System, Steering and Front Axle, Rear Axle and Transmission, Brakes, Wheels & Tires, Body, and Lights and Electrical System (not unlike the order in the factory workshop manuals).


11. Synchromesh Mechanism Manual.


Synchro manual dated May 1961.


12. Radio Operation Manual Supplements & Guaranty Cards.

Telefunken Guaranty Card Stamped by Factory - 1953.

N.S.F. Radio Guaranty Card Stamped by Factory - 1953.


  These five Blaupunkt Auto
  Radio booklets
were commonly
included with 356 Porsche owner's
manuals. Several are operating
instructions for the radios. Others
are lists of service locations. There
are other versions of these radio
booklets, and they change over
time during the 356 Porsche era.
If you have a Blaupunkt radio in
your 356, it would be appropriate
to have one of these Blaupunkt
radio booklets with your owner's

Blaupunkt Koln US mid-60's.


Undated Service Locations.

  Frankfurt US instructions, mid-60's.

Radio Service Locations dated 10.61.

  Frankfurt US instructions, mid-60's.


13. Misc. Factory & Supplier Booklets.


1960's Zenith Carb booklet.

Diagram is in Factory Manuals.

Solex 40 PII-4 Manual.


A Deta Battery Guaranty Card.

From Christo magazine.


Card stamped PORSCHE, dated October 21, 1960.


Koni Shocks, May 1959.

Shows how to set Koni shocks to softer or harder.


Frame Inspection Stand.

356's, 356-A's & 356-B's.


14. Factory Advertising Articles.


Factory Advertising Articles 9/61.


Factory Booklet on Advertising Articles dated 10/63.

The above two factory booklets on advertising articles list such items as:  arm patches, wall plaques, model toy cars, books, pens, cigarette lighters, key fobs, bill-folds, scarfs, ash trays, memo pads, posters, doilie and napkin sets, table pennants, luggage, table lamps, drinking glass sets, and much more. All this branded items come withe Porsche crest and logo. Many of these items, particularly those from the 1950's and 1960's have become highly collectable and trade for big bucks. 8" diameter ceramic plates regularly sell for $250 .00 to $375.00. Below is a selection of advertising articles from the 10/63 booklet.


Left:  Ceramic ash tray
and cigarette set.

Right:  Distler 7500 toy
model 356 Cabriolet.

Below:  Key holder.

Wood plaque with Porsche logo.

His and Her's Cigarette Lighters.

Left:  Miniature 356-B
Steering Wheel.

Right:  Napkin and
Place Mat Set.

More to come.........Soon!


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