DerWhite's Distler 356 Porsches!



Below is a sampling of the various Distler toy 356 Porsches that were available in the 1950's and 1960's. The images shown herein were found at various places on the internet and are not believed to be copyrighted. If the owner of any picture herein does not want a picture to be included, it will be removed.


Mint Green.

Light Sky Blue.

Light Blue Green or Turquoise.

Dark Metallic Blue.

Light Yellor or Beige.

Black, possibly a repaint?

Yellow, possibly a repaint?


Metallic Blue.



Red (with different headlights!)


Metallic Dark Blue.

Light Green.

White Police Version (Belgian).


Metallic Blue.



Late version (Plastic headlight lenses)   

Early version        


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