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356 Pre-A:


(1) This very early four page folder was published by Porsche and is dated January 1951. It is single color red on very inexpensive paper and is published in German. Cover shows an early split window coupe. Back cover gives some specifications. Inside are the technical specifications for two models, the Typ 356 1.1 liter and the Type 356 1.3 liter. A very tough item to find. An English version of this brochure exists in the same format, and a later version which eliminates the split window which is accomplished by airbrushing out the center window line. (Rarity Index -XXXX) (M&M-NA), (Recent Sales Price:  $104.00, 11/19/05, Ebay)



The above are pictures from inside the brochure. The middle picture of the cabriolet actually has a
small envelope glued onto the page which is one way to tell if the brochure is an original or a fake.
The fake doesn't have the small envelope. The envelope was for the salesman's business card!

(2) "The Keys to Miles of Pleasure" is a 24 page mostly color brochure published in December 1952. It contains lots of color pictures and technical data on the 1100, 1300, 1500, 1nd 1500 Super Engines, and only includes the Coupe and the Cabriolet. No Speedsters were produced this early. One interesting feature of this brochure is a small 2 1/4 x 3 1/2 envelope glued onto the inside cover. This little envelope has P O R S C H E written across the top, and was used as a place to put the salesman's business card. This little envelope is also the telling difference between an original brochure, and the FAKES that have been published subsequently. The original brochure is quite rare and hard to find. Most of what you will run across are reproductions. There are several ways to tell. The little envelope is one good sign of an original, in addition to the fact that the reproductions are slightly smaller in size. Originals because of age tend to have pages slightly yellowed around the edges. Don't pay a high price for a reproduction. (Rarity Index -XXXX) (M&M 23) (Recent sales price:  $405.00, 6/26/05, Ebay)


(3) "For Pride of Ownership" is an odd item that is difficult to determine exactly what it is. It is not a brochure, or a folder. It is a single sheet advertisement for Cosmopolitan Cars Ltd, the Canadian distributor of Porches. It was not cut out of a magazine. It might be an advertising proof possibly for a newspaper for a magazine, but it is an odd size 91/2 x 15 inches. It is printed on slick high quality paper almost like it was a small poster. You can see in the image that the paper has yellowed over the years. The text references first place class win Le Mans 1951, so it probably was printed in 1952. References "hardtop or convertible models".


Above, front Cover on the right, back Cover on the left.

Inside two pages.

(4) NEW! A 1953 "You wanna sell Porsches Folder" from Cosmopolitan Cars Ltd., the Canadian distributor for Porsches. This little distributor produced sales folder is a solicitation to sell Porsches in Canada to potential dealers. An interesting early distributor sales folder. (Rarity Index - XXXX) (M&M N/A).

                 Back Cover                                             Front Cover                                 NEW:  French Language Version

(5 & 6) "Type 356 Specifications" is an early black and white 356 Porsche Pre-A sales folder which lists the technical specifications for the 356 Pre-A 1100, 1300, 1500 & 1500 Super, together with race results for 1952. The brochure is not dated, but given the race results, it probably was published in 1953. This is one of several black and white folders that have been REPRODUCED, so watch out when purchasing one. See my website on 356 Porsche Literature FAKES to learn how to tell the real ones from the FAKES. On the right is the French Language Version. The words on the cover translate to:  "Prestige, Power & Perfection". (Rarity Index - XX) (M&M 20) (Recent sales price:  $65.00, 9/5/05, Ebay)






(7, 8, 9, & 10) "Prestige, Power & Perfection"  is a small technical data folder published in 1954. This is not a particularly attractive brochure, but it does contain some interesting technical data on the 1100, 1300, 1500 & 1500 Super engines available at this time. English version (a) is on the top left, German language versions (b & c) are on the top right and bottom left, and  the French version (d) is on the bottom right. (Rarity Index - XXX) (M&M #47)


Hans Hermann single sheet.

(11) The "Hans Hermann Sheet" is a single sheet published by Porsche in late 1954 celebrating Hans Herrmann's first place finish in the 5th Carrera Panamericana Mexico Race. Hermann won in the under 1500 cc class. When I first saw this item, I thought someone had torn a page out of a Christophorus magazine. But it was published by Porsche as a single sheet printed on only one side, with the publishing number of 15M XI.54 Gl. This item is pretty hard to find as you don't seem them come up for sale very often. Hermann's Porsche in the 5th Carrera Panamericana Mexico Race was a Porsche 550 Spyder. (Rarity Index - XXXX) (M&M N/A).


                                                                                                       Back Cover                                 Front Cover

(12) This little "Black & White  Speedster Folder" came out in late 1954 or early 1955. The right half of the image above is the cover. It is an interesting and collectable item, but the one shown is a FAKE! Notice the bottom left hand corner of the says "Automobile Literature International RPI 2032-7/88". It is a reproduction, and a good one. Good thing it is marked as such. Check out the one you have.........! (Rarity Index - XX) (M&M #73) (Recent sales price:  $228.00, 11/21/06, Ebay)


                                                                       Back Cover                                                            Front Cover

(13) The "Porsche Crest Brochure", a black and white 4 page folder, was probably published in 1954 or 1955. There are no printing dates on the brochure, and no indication where the brochure was published. (Rarity Index - XX) (M&M #79) (Recent sales price: $53.00, 7/31/05, Ebay)


"Real Double-Barrelled Deal" Brochure Cover.

Picture from Christophorus Magazine #13 German.

(14) The "Real Double-Barrelled Deal" Brochure is really a 356 Porsche price list for Hoffman Porsche Car Company of New York. The brochure was published by Porsche in Germany in 1955 for its New York dealer. The price list inside shows, among others, the following prices:  Coupe Continental Type 356 w/1500 cc 55 hp engine-$2,750; Coupe Continental Type 356 w/1500 cc Super 70 hp engine $3,012; Convertible Continental Type 356 w/1500 cc 55 hp engine-$3,070; Convertible Continental Type 356 w/1500 cc 70 hp engine-$3,332; and Speedster Type 356 w/1500 55 hp engine-$2550. (Rarity Index - XXX) (M&M #85)


               Rear Cover                                                        Front Cover


Picture from Christophorus Magazine #15 German.

The picture above looks like the same picture in the brochure. Look at both pictures carefully.
Note the two men on the left in the lower picture and the other car on the right in the brochure.
It's hard to know what was airbrushed in and what was airbrushed out. See the guy walking in
the background lower left? He's in both pictures!

(15) "Vacation Delivery Plan" is an undated multiple fold out brochure in English outlining Porsche's Europen Delivery Plan. Pick up a new 356 Porsche at the factory or at other designated places in Europe and enjoy a vacation. The brochure is believed to have been published in 1954 or 1955 and is similar to another version shown in the Merritt & Miller book (M&M #141). This particular brochure is not shown in the soft cover Merritt & Miller book, but is included in the later hard cover edition. Check out the very similar picture below from Christophorus Magazine #15 German. Images appearing in the magazine quite often also appeared in Porsche's sales literature. (Rarity Index - XXX) (M&M- N/A)


German language version on the left, French language version on the right!

(16 & 17) what's this?  It is a Porsche, the "Type 597 Jagdwagen", a military jeep-like vehicle. Brochure is a simple folder, 4 pages, in German, and is dated June 1955. Very difficult item to find!  Also comes as a French language version. (Rarity Index - XXXX) (M&M - N/A)




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