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356-C Brochures



(1.) "Porsche Facts" is a small, undated 3 1/2 x 6 inch black and white folder printed in the USA for the Porsche 356-C totaling 16 pages. Some of the pictures inside are of 356-B T-6's which the wheel hubcaps airbrushed to look like C hubcaps. On the back of the brochure is a picture of the old style travel rack used for the 356-B's. Included in the brochure are specifications for the 356-C and 356-SC. This is a very common brochure, not at all colorful, but an interesting addition to any sales literature collection (Rarity - X) (M&M 269).  


Design and publishing data on the back cover.


(2.) "356-C/356-SC Motor" is a double folder, 8 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches, printed in Germany in February 1964, covering only the engine options for the 356-C Porsche. Inside are frontal and side view diagrams of the engine together with extensive specifications. Of note is the 356-C engine with 75 HP, and the 356-SC engine with 95 HP.  This brochure comes both in English and German language versions. (Rarity - XX) (M&M N/A). 



German language version of "Tests".

(3.& 4.) "Tests" is a 24 page brochure, mostly black and white, except for some color on the cover, which is a collection of several articles about 356-C Porsches, and includes an article on the Porsche 904 GTS. Above is English version, and below is the German language version, which includes an article about the new Carrera 2, which is not included in the English version. The English version is dated September 1964, and the German version is dated June 1964. (Rarity XXX) (M&M 307 Hardbound Version).


(5.) The "356-C Lines of Leisure Flyer" is a single sheet printed on both sides in red, black and white, probably printed in USA, but it has no source markings or date. It was most likely published by Porsche of America, Inc. the Porsche distributor for use by dealers. It does have an excellent listing of specifications and technical data, as well as standard equipment. These dealer flyers and brochures were usually lesser in quality than those published by the factory, hence they were less often saved, and hence harder to find today. (Rarity - XXXX) (M&M N/A).


Cover of the 356-C Mailer/Folder.

(6.) "356-C Mailer/Folder".  This is a simple, single sheet black and white folder printed in the USA and used by dealers as a mailer to customers about the new 356-C. Most of the pictures show 356-C's with USA licence plates. Also, notice placement of the rear reflectors above the taillights, a sure sign of a USA version 356-C. Not a must have brochure, unless you're a collector and have to have one each of everything! (Rarity - X) (M&M 279). 


Inside Pages of the mailer.


Front Cover.

Rear Cover.

 (7.) "356-C Tourist Delivery" is a $4x 8 1/4 inch double folder which explains Porsche's Tourist Delivery Program. In orther words, "take a trip to Suttgart and pick up your Porsche". Folder even has a map from the airport and the city center to the factory to the factory. Inside are prices for the various 356-C models (a 356 SC Cabriolet sells for $4,030.00US), instructions for shipment to the USA, and locations throughout Europe where your 356 can be delivered. The brochure also mentions that USA import duties on automobiles is 6.5% of the value of the car. SInce these were only given to Buyers who were going to the factory to pick up their cars, there are not a lot of these around. Fairly hard to find. (Rarity - XXX) (M&M N/A).


Front Cover.  

Rear Cover.

(8.) "Key to Carefree Driving", a small 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch folder that was given to Buyers at the Porsche factory when they picked up their new cars. This one is the 356-C English language version. There is a 356-B version which is very similar except that it has a red cover. Inside are tips on German driving laws, and customs requirements. The back covers shows common European street signs. These are probably pretty hard to find as they were not printed in large numbers, only enough to give to Buyers picking up their cars at the factory. (Rarity - XXX) (M&M 294). 


(9.) "The Porsche Story" is another 356-C brochure published in the USA by Porsche of America Corp. of Teaneck, New Jersey for distribution to dealers. This brochure was also used as a magazine insert. Inside is a short history of Porsche along with specifications for the 356-C. This is one of the least colorful and least interesting brochures published for 356 Porsches.  (Rarity - X) (M&M N/A). 


                              Back Cover                                                            Front Cover

(10.) "356C/911 Price List". And who said the 356-C and 911 weren't included in the same brochure? Here's a small price list put out by Porsche of America Corp. showing prices for the 356-C's together with the NEW 911! Notice the price difference. $4985.00 for a 356-SC Cabriolet v. $6490.00 for the new 911. Also look at the difference between the USA importer's price and what one could get at the factory. Back then, that diference was enought to pay for a nice vacation! (Rarity - XXXX) (M&M 312). 


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