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356-B T-5 & 356-B T-6



The Deluxe 356-B T-5 and T-6 Brochures!


  Additional 356-B T-5 Brochures!


(1) "Volkswagen Canada Brochure" for the 356-B T-5. This undated brochure was probably published in 1960 by the Porsche Canadian distributor Volkswagen Canada Limited. It is a multiple fold out with 16 pages, and covers Coupe, Cabriolet, Hardtop and Roadster. Brochure is printed on heavy course paper unlike the slick shinny paper most often used by Porsche. Very hard item to find. (Rarity - XXXX) (M&M - N/A).



(2) NEW! This "1960 Porsche 356-B T-5 Advertising Blank" was sent to newspapers and magazines as a blank to be used by local dealers in their advertising programs. Just fill in the blank space for the dealer's name and address. Various standard sizes of this same advertising blank were available. (Rarity - XXX) (M&M - N/A).





(3) "Dealer Postcard Folder" is a folding mailer that contains four postcards showing various 356-B T-5 models including the Coupe, Carbriolet, Cabriolet with Removable Hardtop (referred to as a Hardtop), and Roadster. The folder is not dated but based on the pictures, it was probably published in 1960 or 1961. This folder does not appear to be a factory item, rather it may have been published by the Porsche Distributor. In very small print, it says:  George Mench Photography and Publishing Company, Ridgefield, Conneticut. (Rarity - XX) (M&M 209).



(4) "Camber Compensator" information sheet. This item probably cannot be called a brochure, but is a single sheet describing the Camber Compensator bar available from the factory as an accessory. It is black and white, printed on one side only, 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 inches, and had a factory printing number, W 39e 3.5M 1.60 Gl., indicating it was printed in January 1960 for the 356-B T-5.



(5) "Type 741 Transaxle" is a 4 page folder introducing the new Type 741 Synchromesh Gearbox Rear Axle. Inside is a detailed line drawing of the transaxle and its gears, together with a written description of the synchromesh mechanism. The one shown is dated September 1959 for the 356-B T-5. An earlier version describes the Type 716 Transaxle. (Rarity - XXX) (M&M - N/A).



(5) This single sheet version does not appear in the M&M books.

(6) The above single sheet version is in the Hardbound M&M Book #309.

(6. & 7.) The above two items are Single Sheet Flyers printed on heavier, almost cardboard like paper. There are no printing dates or printing numbers, however, it is likely that they were printed in the United States. The model Porsche pictured on the front of both items is clearly of a 356 T-5. Both versions have technical information on the reverse side, shown below. Careful comparison of the two items reveals an exterior rear-view mirror on one and not the other, baby moon hubcaps on one, deluxe hubcaps with crests on the other, and what some think is a chrome bumper (?) on one and not the other. (Rarity Index - XXX).


Above is the other side of the two single sheet 356-B T-5
flyers shown above. Notice that it includes the


 Additional 356-B T-6 Brochures!


(8) "The New T-6" single sheet folder, printed on heavier almost cardboard like paper, is for the new 356-B T-6. The back side of the flyer is the same as similar single sheets printed for the 356-B T-5 (items 5 & 6 above). This particular example has a dealer stamp on the cover for Johnson Pacific Company, Oakland, California. (Rarity - XXXX) (M&M - N/A).



(9) "Friends of House of Porsche" Here is another single sheet brochure, also printed on heavier almost cardboard like paper like #2 & 3 above. This flyer was published for the 356-B T-6 Porsche for 1962. One can see the slightly squared off front hood, compared to the rounded front hood of the 356-B T-5. For model year 1962, Porsche features only the Coupe and Cabriolet, no mention of the Roadster. This brochure is also undated, except for the 1962 notation and features Chicago, Illinois dealers. Brochure was probably published in the USA. There is another version of this brochure featuring a different dealer in the M&M book, and there may be other versions featuring additional dealers. This brochure is not an easy item to find. (Rarity Index - XXX) (M&M #237).



Above is the black and white cover which is the same as the color cover above.

Above are the two inside pages of this four page folder.

Back cover shows the sponsor Concours Motors of Wisconsin!

(10) "Friends of House of Porsche #2" is a four page folder, unlike the prior version which was a single sheet. Both are printed on heavier almost cardboard like paper. Both are for the 356-B T-6 model Porsche. While the first version is for Chicago, Illinios dealers, this second version is for Concours Motors in the State of Wisonsin. There is no printing date or printing number on either of the Friends of House of Porsche brochures, however, it is likely that it was printed in the United States. There may be other versions of these brochures for other distributors or dealers. These local brochures are dificult to find as not as many were printed as those published by the factory. (Rarity Index - XXXX) (M&M N/A).




(11) NEW! "Concours Volkswagen & Porsche" is another four page, mostly black and white, folder from Concours Motors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This particular folder, in addition to showing 356-B T-5 Porsches, also includes the Volkswagen line. The brochure is undated, but is believed to be from early 1960. (Rarity Index - XXX) (M&M N/A).



Front of brochure, opens in the middle.

Back cover of the brochure.



Inside pages of the brochure.

(12) NEW! "What is a Porsche" is a simple black and white folder that opens in the middle revealing the insides of the folder. It is printed on course white paper, is not date marked, but is believed to have been published by a USA Porsche Distributor probably in 1962.  The pictures clearly show a 356-B T-6. This isn't the nicest piece of sales literature for a 356 Porsche, but it is quite rare and hard to find. (Rarity Index - XXXX) (M&M N/A).



English language version. (Recent sales price:  $73.00 9/25/05).

German language version.

(13) & (14) "Tests" ("Testes"?). These 24 page brochures are mostly text with a few pictures and are excerpts from articles by various journalists for such publications as Road & Track, Motor Trend, The Motor, and The Times of London. The articles cover the 356-B T-6 Super 75, the Super-90, and the Carrera 2. Both ard dated October 1962. A excellent reproduction of the English version of this brochure has been produced and is very difficult to tell from the original. (Rarity - XX) (M&M 307, Hardbound Edition).



Front Cover.

Back Cover.

(15) "Switch to T-6" is an early 356-B T-6 folder that graphically shows the differences between the 356-B T-5 and T-6. The back cover clearly shows differences between the two models, the squared off front hood up front, and the twin grills on the rear deck lid. Inside this 4-page folder is a description of additional changes in the 356-B T-6, including larger windshield, larger rear window, fuel filler cap on passenger front fender, squared off front hood, twin grills on the rear deck, non-glare mirror, and other changes. Folder has various printing dates including September 1961 for Model Year 1962. (Rarity Index - XX) (M&M later hardbound edition 308).



(16) "Type 1600, 1600-S, 1600 S-90" is a double folder, 8 1/2 x 11 3/4 inches, printed in Germany in September 1962, covering only the engine options for the 356-B T-6 Porsche. Inside are frontal and side view diagrams of the engine together with extensive specifications. Of note is the 1600 engine with 60 HP, the 1600-S engine with 75 HP, and the 1600 S-90 with 90 HP.  This brochure comes both in English and German language versions. (Rarity - XX) (M&M N/A).




(17) "Key to Carefree Driving" is a small 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch folder that was given to Buyers at the Porsche factory when they picked up their new cars. This one is the 356-B English language version of 11/62. There is a 356-C version which is very similar except that it has a gold cover. Inside are tips on German driving laws, and customs requirements. The back covers shows common European street signs. These are probably pretty hard to find as they were not printed in large numbers, only enough to give to Buyers picking up their cars at the factory. (Rarity - XXX) (M&M 294). 



The magazine insert version of this brochure appeared in March 1963 Road & Track magazine!

   (18) The "Ken Purdy Brochure" was both a
 separate brochure and a magazine insert
 in many popular sports car magazines of the
 time. Notice the back covers differ slightly. The
 cover above is from the "brochure" with the
 empty space at the bottom for dealer stamps.
 The cover on the left is the magazine insert with
 Porsche of America Corp. in lieu of a dealer
 stamp. This brochure is very common but is a
 nice addition if you have a
356-B T-6.



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