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(1) Above are six versions of a small "Technical Data Folder" that were published at various times between late 1955 and 1957.  The right half is the cover, the left half (the 550 spyder) is the back cover.  The second from the last image shows the technical data on the inside pages of the folder. Notice that the cover of one version shows a black line drawing as opposed to a white line drawing in another. There are various edition dates of this folder, including:  X.55, 1.56, 2.56, 4.56, IX.56, and 1.57 (and maybe more!), as well as different language versions. It is fun and interesting to collect edition dates and different versions of the same brochure. (Rarity Index - XX) (M&M #98), (Recent sales price:  $201.00, 7/21/05, Ebay, purple version).


(2) This "1956 Swedish 356-A Sales Folder" is one of very few known Swedish Dealer sales brochures for 356 Porsches. It is a double folder that folds out twice with text in Swedish. Pictures inside include the 356-A Cabriolet, Speedster and the Spyder together with the Carrera 4-Cam engine. It is very hard to find, and rarely comes up for sale. It is similar to the Technical Data Folders previously displayed.  (Rarity Index - XX) (M&M HB 306), (Recent sales price:  $494.00, 2/08/11).



                                                                        Back Cover                                                     Front Cover


Inside two pages

(3a & b) This undated folder "Sliding Roof Brochure" is the only published brochure of the 356 era that deals exclusively with the optional sunroof. It is difficult to tell if this folder was published for the late Pre-A 356's or for the 356-A's. (Rarity Index - XXX) (M&M 300 in the later hard bound version of the book)


                                                                    Front Cover                                                           Back Cover

(4) The "Luggage Brochure" is believed to have been published in 1956, and shows special luggage available as accessories for 356-A Porsches. (Rarity Index - XXX) (M&M 303 in the later hard bound version of the book), (Recent sales price:  $153.00, 7/14/05, Ebay).


                                                  Rear Cover                       Front cover                       Inside left                       Inside Right

(5) This black and white single sheet (made into a folder), known as "356-A Years Ahead" is very easy to reproduce, and has been reproduced. The best way to tell an original from a fake is the yellowing of the white background in the original due to age, and the fuzzyness of the photos in the FAKE. The original is fairly easy to find. (Rarity Index - XX) (M&M #100) (Recent sales price:  $118.00,11/30/06, Ebay).



(6) "Driving in its Finest Form" is a small 3 3/4 x 6 inch, undated 24 page booklet, but is believed to have been published in 1956. In a page of technical data, it makes reference to 356-A's, 356-A 1500 GS Carreras, and 550 1500 RS Spyders. There are no photographs, but many interesting line drawings. Tough little booklet to find, and a nice addition to any collection. (Rarity Index - XXX) (M&M 102) (Recent sales price:  $411.00, 12/16/06, Ebay)

What most collectors know as the cover of this brochure.

Two other possible covers for this brochure depending on how it is folded.

Some other images inside the brochure.

(7) "Ripened by Trial" aka the "Porsche Factory" brochure is a full color 32 page booklet measuring 5 3/4 x 8 1/4 inchres, and is dated January 1956. The back page is a 6 page fold-out with technical data. The back cover shows a photograph of the door handle with a key and key fob. This folder is a four panel fold-out. Depending on how the brochure is folded, any one of the three above images will appear as the cover. Some think there are three different brochures, but all three images are included in this brochure, and may be folded to appear as the cover. A French language version is similar, but only a three panel fold-out with several completely different pictures inside. Inside are a lot of nice photographs of 356's in various settings. Highly collectable, and draws active bidding on Ebay. (Rarity - XXX) (M&M 109), (Recent sales price:  $400.00,12/16/06, Ebay).


(8) "Vacation Delivery Plan" is an 8 page double folder about traveling to Europe to pick up your 356 Porsche. Includes an interesting price list of all models, including the Speedster 1500 Carrera GS, as well as the names and addresses of dealers all over Europe. Surprisingly, this brochure, which is dated October 1957, is fairly difficult to find. (Rarity - XXXX) (M&M 141), (Recent sales price:  $249.00, 11/9/05, Ebay).


                                                                                 Back Cover                                                     Front Cover

Inside Two Pages

(9) This small "Red Technical Data" folder was published in 1957 and 1958 and covers the 356-A Coupe, Convertible, Hardtop and Speedster. In addition, technical information is presented on the 356-A 1500 GS Carrera "Gran Turismo" (Coupe and Speedster), and the 550A 1500 RS Spyder.  (Rarity Index - XX) (M&M #145)


Back Cover                             Front Cover

Inside Two Pages

(10) This small "Gold Technical Data" folder was published in March 1959 and covers the 356-A Coupe, Cabriolet, Hardtop and Convertible. In this folder "Cabriolet" has been added where it was previously called "Convertible" in the prior red version, and "Convertible" now means Convertible D. Interestingly, the specs for the 356-A 1500 GS Carrera "Gran Turismo" refer both to the Coupe and Speedster. (Rarity Index - XXX) (M&M #145)


Single sheet flyer, not sure which is considered the front and which is the rear!

(11) This "Single Sheet Flyer was published by Competition Motors, Inc." of Hollywood, California sometime in 1957 or 1958. A slightly different black and white version was published with slightly different content and slightly higher prices (Rarity Index - ??) (M&M N/A) (Recent sales price:  $190.00, 12/20/06, Ebay)


Front Cover                                                                               Rear Cover

(12) "Keys to Carefree Driving" is a small folder that was given to 356 Porsche buyers at the factory when they picked up their new car. The folder provides tips for driving in Germany and Europe and on the back cover, shown above, shows roadside signs found in Europe. There are several versions of this brochure, the primary difference being the photo on the cover. The most common version has a red cover with a key. (Rarity Index - XXXX) (M&M 294), (Recent sales price:  $315.00, 5/17/05, Ebay).


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