"Birth of a 911 Porsche.........1971 Factory Tour!"



This is a 20 page, 8 1/2 x 11 inch, slick paper booklet, featuring pictures taken along the Porsche Factory Assembly Line. The images were taken by this author on the factory assembly line in 1971! They show individual Porsches in various stages of the manufacturing process from the beginning main-body jig to the end with a finished 911 driving off the assembly line! Each step on the line is covered in detailed B&W photographs. See Coupes and Targas moving from Body Fabrication to Engine Assembly to Final Assembly.

If you have a late 60's or an early 70's 911 Coupe or Targa, you'll be interested in this Custom Brochure, and to see how your car was put together!

This is NOT a COPY of SOMETHING ELSE! Images are original to this author and this custom published booklet.

Included are original photos taken by the author on the assembly line at the Porsche Factory in Stuttgart, assembled into a soft cover, slick paper booklet. $15.99 + $3.50 postage. Shipped in an envelope within a cardboard flat box to prevent damage in shipment. Personal checks welcome.