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 356 Porsche Production Numbers: How many were Produced? 3

 Serial Number Locations on 356 Porsches! 4

 What's the difference between at 356-B T-5 and a 356-B T-6? 5

 Red Koni Shocks Absorbers! 6

 Chrome Reutter Luggage Racks? 7

 Wire Knock-off Wheels for 356 Porsches! 8

 Factory Workshop Manuals 1950-1965! 9

 Park Lights in Headlights? 10

 Basic Carbology: Zenith 32 NDIX vs. Solex 40 PII 4! 14

 Break Away Interior Rear View Mirrors on B's & C's! 15

 Are Exhaust Extensions on 356-B's and C's Factory Accessories? 17

 Lockable "Vent Wing" Latches in Late B/C Coupe Doors! 18

 Gear Shift Locks on 356 B's & C's! 19

 Steering Wheel & Shift Lever Locks for 356 Pre-A's and 356-A's! 21

 When did Porsche add Seat Belt Mounting Points to 356's? 23

 Switch to 200 Watt Generators from 160 Watt Generators! 25

 356 Porsche Part Numbers.......What do they tell you? 25

 Introduction of the Synchromesh Transmission Type 716! 27

 A ccessory Fresh Air Blower! 28

 The Porsche 356 Cut-away Car! 30

 Interesting Stolen 356 Porsche! 30

 356 Porsche Interior Upholstery Color Codes! 31

 Outside/Inside a Factory Accessory! 32

 Change in Windshield Wiper Assembly for Late 356-A's! 34

 Was there REALLY a Porsche factory Trailer Hitch? Yes! 34

 356 A, B & C Tachometers! 36

 Fog Light Switch Installation! Where to put it? 36

 The S-90 Engine! 38

 Chrome Bumpers for 356-A's? 38

 Retaining Spring for Inner Tube Valve! 39

 White Wall Tires for 356 Porsches? Well, Yes! 39

 Other Factory Installed Radios for 356 Porsches! 41

 Split Engine Serial Numbers, now what? 43

 Anti-Theft Ignition Cut Off Switch under the Dash! 44

 When did Porsche start offering Electrically Operated Sun Roofs? 47

 Transaxles throughout the 356 Era! 47

 356-A, 356-B and 356-C Keys! 48

 Roll Bars for 356-B Roadster! 49

 Exterior Colors for 1962! 49

 Regular, Tinted and Heated Windshields for 356 B & C Porsches! 50

 6 volt v. 12 volt: When did 12 Volt Systems begin for 356 Porsches? 51

 Steel sunroof "Golde" for Detachable Hardtop! 52

 Special Reinforced Wheels for 356-C Carrera 2's! 52

 The "356-C" Oil Filler Can v. the "356-B" Flip-top Filler Can! 53

 Basic Stats: Carrera 4-cam Engines 1955-1960! 57

 356-A, 356-B T-5, 356-B T-6 & 356-C Dashboard Arrangements! 57

 A Crash Helmet from Porsche as an Accessory? YES!....and More! 64

 356C/SC Major Engine Spec Differences! 64

 Optional Battery Cut-off Switch for 356-C's! 65

 Blaupunkt Radios as Factory Accessories for 356 Porsches! 66

 Rear View Mirrors on 356 Porsches change over Time! 67

 Hand Crank Retractable Radio Antenna for early 356-A's! 70

 Paint Color Code #9402! 71

 Porsche Factory Calendar Coins! 72

 Exploded-View Part Diagrams! 73

 Early 356 Pre-A Electrical Wiring Diagram! 73

 Birth of a Porsche 356-A......A Moment in Time! 74

 Accessory Headrests! 74

 More on Seat Belts for 356 Porsches! 76

 Emergency Access to Front Trunk & Engine Compartment! 78

 A Special Blaupunkt Radio Installation for 356 Porsche Roadsters! 80

 A Fire Extinguisher as a 356 Porsche Factory Accessory! 81

 Porsche Factory Prices for September 1, 1957. 82

 Porsche Production for 1962 and 1963! 83

 Electric Windshield Washer Option! 83

 More on 356-C Interior Rear View Mirrors: Breakaway or Screwed Down? 86

 The Compensating Spring (das Ausgleichfeder)! 86

 Blaupunkt Speaker Wires! 88

 Fog Lights can be added to any 356-B or 356-C! 89

 Hand Throttles on the Dash for 356's! 89

 356-C Windshield Wiper Switch! 92

 Accessory Wire Mesh Stone Guards for Headlights! 92

 Early 356-C/SC Hubcaps: Crested or Plain? 95

 Did D'Letern Feres in Belgium Assemble 356 Porsches? 96

 Popular 356 Porsche Factory Sales Brochures! 97

 How to open an Electric Sunroof if the Battery is Dead? 104

 Some Interesting Facts about the Super-90 Engine! 105

 356-C/SC Model Year 64 v. 356-C/SC Model Year 65! 105

 Rear Reflectors on B's and C's, and a really odd one! 106

 356 Porsche Colors for 1961 to 1964! 107

 Super 90 Rear Scripts - Two Different! 108

 What is a 356 Porsche "Continental"? 109

 Changing the Windshield on 356 Roadsters! 110

 Transistorized Tachometers for 356-C's/SC's! 111

 Would You know a Sunroof Motor if you saw one? 112

 Early Speedster Script! 114

 First "Towing Eye" on 356 Porsches! 115

 Looking for a '55 Owner's Manual? 115

 Other than Black Steering Wheels for 356 B's & C's! 118

 Mounting Outside Mirrors! 119

 Accessory Road Master Fan Fare Horn! 120

 Two Interior Lights for Coupes? 123

 356-C/SC Model Changes! 125

 Is This James Dean? 126

 62A 356B T-6 & 62B 356B T-6 - What's the Difference? 126

 Radio Speakers: Switch from Oval to Round Speakers! 128

 Significant Model Year Changes: 1951-1958! 129

 1953 Models.........."America" Coupe & Convertible? 130

 Extended Steering Column 1 3/16 inch! 131

 Serial Number/Paint Number Door Badges! 131

 356 A, B, & C Fuse Charts! 132

 Carrera 4-cam Motors! 132

 September 1957 Changes to 356-A Porsches! 134

 Threshold Plates for 356-A's, B's & C's! 135

 Wind Wings for 356-A's! 136

 Reading "Engine" Numbers! 138

 Which Cylinder is Which? 139

 What's a Porsche Zunder 1500? 139

 What's Wrong with this Picture? 141

 Standard Coupe Seats in a Speedster! 142

 Special 356-B Roadster Factory Accessories! 142

 Special Racing Competition Parts for 356 Porsches! 144

 Ordering Complete Engines, Body Shells & Transaxles! 145

 Different Shift Levers for Left and Right Hand Drive! 146

 Does Your Parts Book have the Right Information? 148

 A Distler Porsche! 149

 Variable Speed Windshield Wipers! 150

 The 356-B Roadster "Door Pocket"! 150

 The Essence of Compression! 151

 Twin Grills on a Convertible D! 152

 Introduction of the 3-Piece Crankcase! 152

 Remember these 356 Porsche Accessory Suppliers? 153

 Fuse Box Moves to the Front Luggage Compartment! 154

 Do you know what 356 this Suitcase is for? 155

 Definitive Listings of Model Changes, 356-A to 356-C! 155

 Iconic Aftermarket Accessories for 356 Porsches! 156

 Very Early 356 Porsche Turn Signal! 159

 Porsche Stops Black Anodizing 356-C Cylinder Heads! 159

 #356 Porsche Ignition Key, "Just a Coincidence?" 160

 Accessory Electrical Socket and Hand Lamp! 160

 Bench Seating in 356-A and 356-B Porsches! 161

 Special Convertible D Options! 162

 Speedpilot as a 356 Porsche Factory Accessory? 162

 A 356-C Accessory Price List from September 1964! 163

 So…..What's the Real Serial Number? 164

 How Much does your 355 Porsche Weigh? 164

 Wheel Covers for Late 356-A's! 165

 Tech Info about Nuts/Bolts/Fasteners in Parts Books? 165

 A "Shoe String" Fix! 166

 Is the Speedster Script Gold Plated? 167

 Factory Accessory Travel Kits! 167

 When were Body Bumpers Replaced on 356 Pre-A's? 168

 356 Pre-A Factory Accessories! 170

 356 Porsche Factory Service Bulletins! 170

 Major Differences: 356 Pre-A Speedsters and 356-A Speedsters! 172

 Jack Holders in 356-A/B/C Front Trunks! 172

 Conversion of 356's and 356-A's into 356-B? 175

 Two Similar Speedster and Convertible D Brochures! 175

 Electrical Wiring "Thru" the Fan Shroud? 176

 What's Wrong with this Picture? 177

 Aluminum Washers for Zenith 32 NDIX Carburetors! 177

 When? Split Fuel Line before the Fuel Pump? 178

 356-C Removable Hardtop Colors! 179

 Factory Exploded-View Part Diagrams v. PET CD! 180

 Recognize this guy? 181

 What's that "Bump Out" in my Driver's Side Battery Box? 182

 Overrider Bumpers for Late 356-A's! 183

 Hidden Chassis Number under Right Door Hinge Cover! 186

 Don't Misplace your Dipstick! 188

 An Interesting Quote about Early 356 Porsches! 188

 Late 356-A's with Black Steering Wheels and Dash Knobs? 189

 The "Speedster D" Was Never Official! 191

 Odometer turning 100,000 miles on the Fly! 192

 Two Versions of the Convertible D Brochure! 192

 So how do you spot a FAKE 356 Sales Brochure? 193

 Date Stamp on your "No Crest" 356-C Hubcap? 196

 What's Wrong with this Picture? 197

 How Porsche Stamped Serial and Other Numbers! 197

 356 Porsche A/B/C Factory Accessory Luggage! 198

 Indentation on Top of B/C Fan Shroud a VW Carryover? 202

 Yes, there was a Limited Slip Differential! 202

 Windshield Wipers 356-A thru 356-C! 203

 Oil Level Dip Sticks: 356 Pre-A to 356-C! 205

 Chrome Headlight Hoods for 356-A's! 206

 356-C Breather Hoses! 207

 Vent Holes and Dust Grooves in 356-A Brakes! 209

 356-A Front Turn Signal Lights! 210

 Roll Bar Standard Equipment for 356-A 1600 GS "GT"! 210

 Zenith Carburetor Specs! 211

 Removing the Chrome Switch Nuts on the Dash! 211

 356 Porsche Air Conditioning! 212

 The Kardex v. the Certificate of Authenticity! 217

 When did the first Gas Gauges Appear? 218

 Clocks in 356 Pre-A thru 356-C Porsches! 219

 Parking Brake Light added to 356-C Combo Gauge! 221

 Zenith Carburetor Air Filter Canisters! 222

 356 Porsche A/B/C Gas Tanks over Time! 225

 Who is this Guy? 227

 Tonneau Covers for Speedsters, Roadsters, and Cabriolets! 228

 Have you ever seen one of these? 229

 What does "OT" Mean on the Crankshaft Pulley? 230

 Rear Lower Reflector Hole Covers for 356-B's & 356-C's! 230

 Front Hood Locks! 231

 Blaupunkt Radio Identification! 232

 Removing Blaupunkt Radio Push Buttons! 232

 The 100,000 Km Badge! 233

 356-C/SC Carpet Samples! 233

 That Little Bottle in your Glove Box! 234

 An Accessory Glove Box Light for 356-C's? 234

 Engine Lifting Hook? 235

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